Leaf Only Company Reviews

Jennine, AK
P.S. We've been talking to a few of our neighbors about home processing the whole leaf and then RYO, so we might have some new customers for you. Alas...
Stephen, TX
Thanks for the offer for an additional pound on the next shipment, but 1/2 lb. is fine, honestly! I should have placed a larger order the last time, I...
Chris, Doncaster - England
Well, I just have to take my hat off to these guys at LO, after a long wait, (due to UK custom incompetence) Rich re-sent the tobacco with some altera...
Rob, BC - Canada
There's a contest? Contest...schmontest...I already found Leaf Only...that make's me a winner Great quality Great service Great price
Eddie, FL
I love doing business with you Leaf Only you always make things right you have a loyal customer.
Zion Gates, Daytona Beach FL
I love doing business with you Leaf Only you always make things right you have a loyal customer.
Wayne, B.C. Canada
The dark fire cured remains a winner, but a little goes a long way in my pipe blends. One half leaf rolled with about two big bright leaves and then s...
Lee, Oregon
I recently purchased the American Turkish combo and am very pleased with not only how quickly the shipment arrived but also the quality of the leaf th...
Travis, FL
Thank you sooo much, I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived promptly on Friday, and it was everything and more than what I expected. I...
Jon, CO
Thank you guys so much for the quick and speedy shipping!!! You guys are awesome! Really appreciate the quality of your product as well. Couldn't have...
Terry, NS, Canada
WOW, received my package today, and what a surprie! Such a selection and quantity, too. I cut up some burley when I got home, packed my pipe, and had ...
Ted, VA
Thank you as always...love your tobacco and customer service!
Mike, CA
I liked your videos, it's why I ended up buying from you.
Wayne, British Columbia
Thanks a bunch for your recent shipment. " Samples" were very generous. We will talk more about big leaves when I open the bags. Cheers! Tobacco just ...
Sarah, MA
Love LeafOnly! The tobacco is such high quality that once you try it you will never go back to commercially produced cigarettes again. The staff are v...
Thank you soooo much Monique! This is by far the absolute best customer service I have ever received. I look forward to doing much more business with ...
John-Durham, UK
Thanks for all the info - there are plenty of companies over here who would benefit from taking a few pages out of your customer services book.
Katheryn, NC
It is has been such a pleasure to talk with you and to see how I can judge from so far away what a caring, competent person you are.
Mark, UK
I can't compliment you enough or recommend leaf only enough for the fantastic service you provide.
Wayne, B.C.
All of my griping about shipping notwithstanding, I need to let you know again just how damn good your stuff is. Thank YOU for making my smoking habit...
John, TN
Yours is the third supplier I have tried and your tobacco is by far the best I've tried. Thank you for a superior product.
Nell, GA
I am officially a faithful customer! Love the company! thanks for existing!
Jerry, NY
Thank you guys. It's amazing to have stumbled onto a site of this nature.
Don, FL
Thank you THANK YOU for the awesome products. As soon as the first order arrived I KNEW we finally found our supplier for quality bulk tobaccos.
Mark, UK
I'M OVER THE MOON WITH MY ORDER AND THE SERVICE & QUALITY, and look forward to future purchases from yourselves. From one very satisfied UK customer. ...
Peter, NY
Monique-You are absolutely pleasant! Thank you so much!
Jeff, UK
The quality of the tobacco I received on the earlier order I placed was excellent, as was the packaging and service you provided.
Randall, CA
Thank you so much. You are great. I think that's why I do business with only you guys.. Don't know if you remember but you were in touch with me on th...
Nicolas, Canada
Wow. You have been an excellent aid. Your responses are so detailed and in depth. And again, thank you. You've been exceedingly helpful in this journe...
Dee, VA
Thank you so much for all your help. Will be sending more people to you. You're the best.
Darren, WA
I would like you to know how impressed I am with your product...Truly an outstanding product your care and touch truly shows through your work. Your t...
Jennifer, VT
I am a new customer of Leaf Only and my first experience has been wonderful. I placed my order over the phone and spoke to Rich. He was very helpful a...
Milan, Canada
I have received my package today and I am extremely pleased with my purchase, especially with the Organic Virginia Flue Cured, and I wanted to thank y...
Wayne, CA
So far I am impressed with your product. It is nothing at all to what I was expecting. Your product is way better and your service is first class. I r...
Angelo, HI
Thank you for your time I appreciate it, this kind of customer service sets you apart from the rest and goes a long way to building a loyal happy cust...
Brian, UK
Many thanks Monique, May I say again what a splendid service you provide!
Mike, Ontario
You're on the ball, super cool to deal with and you were always solid service wise!
Jon, PA
Excellent customer service is hard to come by, and for an occasional luxury item it's not worth saving a few bucks and risking dealing with a company ...
Florindo, NY
I can't tell you how much it means to do business with an outfit that strives for fairness and customer satisfaction! You run a first-class enterprise...
D.S., KY
I've done business with a lot of places over the years and you without a doubt are my favorite person to talk to. You are so nice and cheerful and tha...
Jamie, WI
I just want to thank you all for being so great with sending out the tobacco in a timely fashion and having such good tobacco products available for p...
Kenneth, KS
Hey guys I love, love, love the products. I have made a few purchases before and am never displeased. Rolling my own cigars with your product provided...
Lou, UK
I would like to thank you for your superb assistance! Thank you for your time and consideration. Your outstanding assistance motivates me.
Thomas, Japan
Thank you for all the past orders. You have an incredible product and service. I find that by rolling my own cigars I am able to get a more satisfying...
Daniel, AB
Love the product. Keep up the good job .
David, MS
Just received my package today opened it and boy was I ever happy.
Wayne, B.C.
YOU are among the only merchants who repeatedly supply top class stuff with almost no issues.
Michael, SC
Thank you for your prompt response. So far y'all customer service and product are stellar. Keep up the good work.
G.G. , New Haven, CT
The Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured is DeLICIOUS! Love it!!!! So much better than what I was smoking. A little like the brand I used years ago. I...
Paula, B.C. Canada
Thank you for all of your responses to my queries; I really appreciate your customer service, it is seriously lacking with most companies these days.
Gregory, IL
Just wanted to drop a rave over the resent order. The organic tobacco leaves are just amazing !!! Nice quality leaf and a great smooth flavor. Bravo !...
Jesse, WY
Awesome! Thank you for having truly organic tobacco. Also thank you for not ripping us way off to buy it! :)
Dave, OK
I received my tobacco order today and just wanted to say thanks for a prompt delivery. The leaves are really nice looking and the packaging was excell...
Bob, CO
received my cigar leaf combo just wanted to say great product 5 stars. will order products again
Faraz, ON
Wayne, BC.Canada
Hi Guys. The organic leaves are marvelous. A crying shame to have to cut them up but how else you gonna get them into a pipe. Thanks.
Nicholas, MA
I just ordered a pound each of your aged burley and light fire cured and I am really happy with it. I received it after two days, which was awesome! I...
Joshua, FL
Monique, Thank you for your quick response. It truly is a pleasure doing business with an online company with such wonderful customer service. I ...
Gary, CA
To all at Leaf Only, thank you sooooo much for delivery of my order in quick quick time. Way above my expectations. great company to work with. thanks...
Trabuco Vapors
Hopefully this will make it to the right people, but we just wanted to say thanks for the social media love! We really appreciate Leaf Only and only u...
Jeff, CA
I have to hand it to you. It is extraordinary to fill an order and ship it in fifteen minutes from the time is was received. And since I always order...
Mark, GA
I received my order yesterday and wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the great leaf! I dont smoke but am a snuff user and starting to make my ...
Old Mill Artisan Snuff, TN
The order with the Dark and Light fire cured arrived today. DANG! Ya'll do good work. I love spending money with you guys :))
Paul, ON Canada
Hi Monique, thank you for the very quick reply. You've done a great job of answering all of my questions. Thanks again for the superb service!
Brinda, OH
Holy tobacco, Batman! These things are enormous! I LOVE them! Good job, Leaf Only crew!
Ryan, CA
Wow, Monique! Outstanding! Thank you very much. Way to keep a customer.
David, NS Canada
You guys have some of the best customer service I've run into: the internet I think. And I've been shipping stuff for around 15 years.
Gary, IL
Thanks so much for your help! My father's birthday was a huge success based in no small part on your suggestions.
Boyd, TX
Thanks to Monique for guidance on getting the right leafs...this is my first time buying whole leafs.
Ross, BC
I am very happy with everything! The quality is excellent. Thank you for all your help, I will be placing my next order soon.
Doc, SC
Just a word to say that you folks are awesome. Calvin is at the top of his game and has been a great guy to deal with,I've given him a rough time on s...
Pat, CT
I would like to individually thank you for being so helpful and quick with choice and orders. I've been to the store on multiple occasions and it was ...
John, CA
I am quite pleased with the product and fast turnaround on shipping. I am recommending Leaf Only to others.
Cynthia, TN
We were thrilled to find that Leaf Only offered organic tobacco. We have been very pleased with the smooth taste of the tobacco and how much it saves ...
Jo, NY
You guys are the best!! You have rushed us a package, once again.... And I just wanted to say thank you so much! If more people did business like you,...
Ali, TN
I just found your website today and ordered a couple of your RYO cigarette blends to try. I am so excited that you are here and serving such an impor...
Nelda, OK
Thank you so much for your patience and help! I LOVE this tobacco!!!!! ALL I have tried has been excellent! AND.......what a relief to know EXACTLY wh...
Elizabeth, KS
Way cool videos dudes!!! Love you guys! Love your product! Your tobacco has given me a healthier smoke and saved me tons of money. Another great thi...
Cheri, WA
I'm just writing to you to tell you how much I'm enjoying my tobacco leaves I receive from you. I have tried the organic Virginia and the organic Can...
Nancy, AL
Monique is the nicest phone personality to represent your staff. I can't enough nice things about your staff!
Darrell, MO
Thank you. You are very responsive and it helps. I very much enjoy your company. I hope you enjoy working for it.
Darrell, TX
I'm working on some people I know they say it not like a regular cigarette .and I tell them THANK GOODNESS no it's not .It's clean fresh tobacco it's ...
Nicholas, NY
Just wanted to leave some feedback on one of the cigars I recently ordered the torpedo. At first glance it's a nice looking cigar, with some oils on ...
Greg, ON Canada
As a First Nation native I use your products for ceremonial purposes and am greatly appreciative of the quality of the product.
Darren, WA
Truly an outstanding product your care and touch truly shows through your work. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your great work. Thank y...
Harry & Michelle, WA
I have been smoking junk all my life. Your order received! I have never smoked a cigarette that is so smooth and tasty. I mean REALLY smooth!! You all...
David, OK
It has been pretty cool to talk to you the last couple of days. Most companies that sell through the internet treat the customers as only dollar sign...
Mark, CA
I am delighted with how beautiful your leaves are, how efficient, reliable, and customer-friendly Leaf Only is! I'm grateful to the organic growers, a...
Nelda, OK
You are a lifesaver Monique. I appreciate your patience and your professional help!! Have a wonderful day!
Angela E. from Ottawa, Canada
You guys are so awesome that there isn't even a word to describe how pleased I am. The product is amazing, and you were an extreme pleasure to deal wi...
Nicole, CT
I am not sure who I spoke with on Tuesday regarding my order. But whoever the gentleman was I would like to THANK YOU!!!! OMG I could'nt believe ...
Flaviu, Ontario Canada
Leaf only has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They offer extremely prompt service and have a very reliable staff. They go above ones expecta...
Mike, NC
I just got my cigar rolling kit. Best damn cigar rolling video I've seen! Like the person in the video, I'd scoured the internet for cigar rolling ...
Tim & Heather, ON Canada
My wife and I received our order today, And to be honest in every way, The Canadian and American organic flue cured is amazingly good. Not to forget a...
Umit, Australia
This time the latest package that you sent to me is arrived OK. It\'s been about 10 days and I already started using the tobacco and I am happy with i...
John, MA
It\'s a pleasure dealing with you Monique, and I have to say that you are a great representative of Leaf Only! It\'s refreshing and nice to deal with ...
Daniel, Canada BC
Thanks Monique, professional as always!
Matt, CO
I am very appreciative for the prompt response as always! This is why I wanted to establish an account. I have done business with your company and lov...
Robert, FL
Received my first order from you today. All is as promised and expected, plus prompt service! - thx Leaf Only. Oh and the discount was a nice gestur...
Robert, NC
The reviews are true...you are definitely at the top of the customer service charts.
Svavar, Iceland
Hey to the amazing staff at Leafonly I wanted to make the extra effort to thank you all for the best customer service I've ever received when orderin...
Rudy, TX
Thank you LeafOnly! It actually arrived on Wednesday afternoon. However didn't get to check my mailbox until this morning. They came fresh they smell ...
Jarren, NY
wow you guys are awesome, thank you for processing and sorting delivery so promptly.
Alistair, Australia
Thank you again Monique.You are extremely pleasant to chat with with about the companies products, you knew exactly what could and couldn't be sent he...
Amanada, PA
I received my package today and I'm very satisfied with it......Thanks so much!!!
Samuel, OH
Thank you Mrs. Hughes. I have seen nothing but care and devotion put into Leaf Only and will be a longtime customer :)
Harry, WA
Monique, thank you for a job well done. I hope your boss realizes what a treasure they have in you!! If not, and I cannot imagine it, just tell him/he...
Christopher, IL
Matthew, KS
You guys are awesome! A buddy liked my nicaraguan blend from my last order better than the cuban cohibas he got on his deployment to Guantanamo bay! I...
David, OK
just wanted to say you guys have a excellent product for making my cigars with. I have been making cigars for several years and your products are by f...
Tom, RI
I am so impressed with the products, and the service is even more impressive. With a little coaching from Jay, I am making the best cigars i have ever...
Glen, British Columbia
While not perfect, perhaps, your company and Website are nothing short of amazing.Thank-you for your time & effort
Kirk, UK
Many thanks again Monique, I have received the email and looking forward to the package and thanks for the other leaves, always nice dealing with you ...
Mike, Toronto
Your such a sweet girl, its always a treat to talk to you, I really look forward to it. Your my favorite American of all time!
Glen, B.C. Canada
Thank-you SO much for doing that work for me. This level of customer service is unprecedented. You are a very generous person (and it speaks volumes...
Damien, AK
I rarely write reviews but this is an occasion for one, my tobacco was delivered promptly and it was of excellent quality. This is the first time I ha...
Eric, FL
Monique via chat was very helpful and the main reason for me placing an order today.
Mark, UK
you guys are mint. you offer a world wide first class service , that just can't be beat
Eric, FL
Over all I am glad I made the purchase and am happy with the quality of the tobacco, thanks to Monique and Calvin for all the help and getting my pack...
Tom, FL
This was more and better than what I expected it to be as a first time customer! Pass the word on!
John, OR
Thanks for your help! You have a great company there. I recommend you often :-)
Delon, UK
I would like to mention that, your help was 1st class and I appreciate that immensely. I will be defiantly using your company in the very near future....
M. Glenn, D.C.
It been a pleasure working with you Monique; your customer service is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Robert, Scotland
Order arrived today, all safe and well. I'm delighted with it and thank you so much for such a professional service. Thanks again and I look forward t...
Mark, WI
You are a very kind person Monique. Have a wonderful day.
Sara, NS Canada
Thanks again for being so consistent in the quality of the leaves you have shipped to me so many times in the last two years.
Monique, QC Canada
Thank you very much for taking the time to explain. Fantastic product and service. Good service is so rare. Have a nice day Monique.
Eric, TX
thanks very much, again, this is a great website, company and i appreciate the unique service provided, you've been very nice, wishin you a good one
Mike, WA
Hi Calvin and Monique, Just a quick note here, received the order and am really happy with all items! The leaves are very fragrant and of very nice...
Todd, FL
I just want to thank ya'll for actually performing as all businesses should. You fill a demand with a great selection of quality products at reasonabl...
Kenneth, NV
Hi Monique: Just to let you know the shredder arrived today. And to thank you for your response. Great customer service! Keep up the good work. I'ts s...
David, NY
Thank you. I just opened my order,it was nicely packed-great box. As always,thanks for the quick response.
Charles, AZ
Thank you monique. Actually glad it happened. Let me test customer service on the first order. A + in my book. Very satisfied with the service and pro...
Walter, NS Canada
Hello, thank you for promptly shipping out my order of the starter kit. I rolled up about a dozen sticks from it, let them st a couple of weeks and ...
A. Suleman, UK
I would like to commend your organisation, it has been a wonderful experience buying from you and very for a novice like me to acquire the right produ...
Devin, Canada BC
I received my order yesterday and I've been shredding, blending.. and simply being blown away by the flavor and quality of this tobacco. Every single ...
Kyle, MN
I received my package today. I am very impressed by the quality of leaf. The leaves are very large and even the binder leaf i ordered appears to be wr...
Henry, CA
Incredible product! Thank you. After only one week stopping commercial cigarettes I feel all around better, smoke less and enjoy it more.
Robert, Scotland
My order Arrived in Scotland in great condition, the leaves are fantastic. Thank you so much for the supper fast dispatch etc.
Gabe, CO
Awesome! Thank you for having an awesome product and customer service! Thank you so much.
MB1, Forum Post
I would like to thank Leaf Only , especially Monique, for taking the time to answer questions that I had regarding the purchasing of cigar leaf. Moniq...
Walter, NS Canada
Thank you for sending my order so quickly, customs always delays it. I look forward to placing my next order from you. I appreciate all you do for me....
Ron, CA
Well you just made my day Monique. Really. That means a lot to me. I will deff be back to buy more of the samples if i like them!
Devin, ON
Hello Monique, I see now that my order has been shipped and is due Wednesday. All I can say is, wow. I am amazed. That is really fast. I am very a...
Walter, NS Canada
Monique, As a rank amature at rolling I cannot believe the volume of rich creamy smoke! Thank you all for the effort you put into your amazing tobacco...
Tom, CT
I am really impressed with the quality, freshness, and varieties available to me through Leafonly.com. Not only am I smoking less daily as a result o...
J.J., SC
Monique, thank you for your insight into this industry. It has been invaluable. Great help should be recognized and you have provided great help.
George, MD
Good evening Monique, I certainly do appreciate your taking the time to help with timely information. You have been a delightful help and I can say Le...
Liz, IL
Thank you, we have become a society of instant everything. Your organic leaf is far superior to any commercial cigarette I have had. Well worth the wo...
Harry, WA
You are THE BEST! Thank you for providing ALL services to everybody. I wish you all the best.
Bill, WV
you guys are really doing it right! congratulations on all of your success!
Bob, ON Canada
Monique, I think it's great that a company and its people deliver what they promise , they are few and far between. Great People , Great service, and ...
Jennifer, CA
Your products are Fantastic and thank you for selling them.
Bobby, TN
Your stuff is amazing and your company is of the highest caliber. You have a great product with great service.
Greg, SC
I got a nice package the other day from you with several sample leaves as well as my order. I appreciate that that's just good customer service. You g...
Denita, MN
We are very happy with your organic tobacco leaves. It is great to know they are processed/cured with cleaner methods. Thank you.
Paul, AL
Miss Monique! thanks for the great service!
Matthew, ON
Great prices, service and quality! Will be back!
Honest Cigar Reviews, AZ
I have never been more impressed by customer service. Leaf Only has continually gone above and beyond my expectations with customer service and their ...
Derek, TX
wow that was fast! Thank you so much. I am very much looking forward to trying out some fresh leaf. Again thank you!
Shaun, BC Canada
Love the leaves!! You guys are awesome!! Happy new year to everyone at LO!!!
Tom, CT
Hey I just wanted to say thank you very much I just received my 2 pounds of organic Canadian and Virginia tobacco perfect condition and I'm so glad ...
Stacy, AL
Thank you Monique for your time and attention! Much Love
Carole, AL
i am a very happy customer. so glad to have access to your fine organic leaf. I really like your logo
Jesse, WI
Monique, Thank you for your prompt attention to this small oversight. I have really enjoyed the leaf that I've ordered. My last shipment of organic is...
Lee, FL
Thanks Calvin and Monique. Y'all do a wonderful job. Just wanted to say thanks.
Jeff, TX
As always, you rock Monique. Thanks. I'll bug you when I make my next order
Lee, FL
thank you for your prompt and curtious service to me
Pete, NZ
monique, thanks for your help and support.i realy like how you do your thing.thanks again.
Ron, WA
Monique, I really appreciate you staying in contact with me and assisting with any information. Thank you so much for your great customer service.
Freya, UK
Monique, thanks so much your service has been fantastic. All the best.
Edgar, NJ
thanks as always monique :)
Walter, NS Canada
I flashed up a cigar, hand made no less with Pennsylvanian filler, Aged Dominican Volado filler, Dominican binder and Ecuadorian Seco Shade wrapper! I...
JoAnn, PR
Thanks Monique, you do a super job.
Mohammed, FL
Monique you've solved all my problems. I will take note of all of this and soon make another order to try some other tasty tobaccos!
Robert, NE
Leaf Only is absolutely the honest to God soothing truth of my tokes & jokes 'American Agrarian' smooth..! Simply the best find for a tobaccos smoker'...
Walter, NS Canada
2 pounds of prime Leaf Only, sacred cigar tobacco! Whatever deity you pray to (read, God) bless you. Your whole order team make my heart sing! Have a ...
Tanandra, FL
Thank you so much for your response. Customer Service is indeed very well.
Elad, Israel
Tnx for the service, it was wonderful to work with you.
Jeremy, CO
Thank you Monique, your the best.
Karinne, CA
Your product is beyond perfection please keep up the good work!!!!!
Adam, CA
I Just received my order and all I can say is wow!! What a quality product professionally sourced, sold, and shipped. This really is the freshest whol...
Marisol, NC
Hey. I just received my package and I am really happy with the product. It came in a timely manner and was just moist enough to store. They also smoke...
Gennard, FL
Coming from the US Virgin Islands where smoking Fronto is commonplace.. This was exactly the quality I expected! You have yourself a satisfied custo...
Ralph, GA
I received my order of Izmir Turkish Oriental tobacco today in the mail, and I have to tell you, I'm absolutely satisfied. Originally hailing from the...
Clint, CA
Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate the good customer service! Will definitely be ordering again in the future.
Liz, IL
Thank you for your response, I have always appreciated your customer service and your product.
David, NJ
Hi Monique. Just wanted to send a thank you for making a nice father's day. My father and I smoked our hand rolled cigars and they were wonderful!
Walter, NS Canada
Hello, everyone at Leaf Only. Just want to drop a line to you about my latest purchase from (where else) Leaf Only.I am on my back patio, Leaf Only ro...
Craig, CT
Now that the dust is settling I wanted to take the time and thank you for your generous donation to my brother-in-law Gary Thompsons Memorial golf tou...
Justin, CO
Absolutely! Well thank you very much for your time and advice, I really appreciate that you guys go the extra mile! Its awesome to control your own b...
Sharon, CO
Hi Monique, Your information was very helpful and I appreciate the quick reply. My questions are answered and now I get it. Thanks for the grea...
Jonine, SK Canada
Thanks again Monique, you guys are the best!
Don, FL
A quick note to thank you for excellent service. I ordered Monday and got it on Thursday. Arrived in perfect condition and the leaf looks EXCELLENT!! ...
Frederick, MA
Monique, thank you very much for your swift response, working with you is great and very helpful. I hope that Leaf Only truly appreciates your great w...
George, IL
I just wanted to say that you guys are the real deal. My ALO arrived so dark and fresh...it was unlike anything I've ever received before. Thank you s...
Dom, UK
Many thanks Monique, brilliant service :)
Elie, Israel
Thanks a lot Monique for your swift and thorough reply.
Ramesh, NC
Thank you very much Monique! You have been extremely helpful. Appreciate your knowledge and consumer service expertise.
Cory, CO
glad to know you're good people to deal with!
John, AB Canada
Monique, Thanks for your time and patience.
Shaun A. B.C., Canada.
I absolutely love the leaves and everyone else going in on them are totally impressed with the quality, price...and how much longer the cigarettes las...
Eric, MO
Thanks for the incredibly quick response Monique! I'm very excited to get my order and give rolling my own cigars a go.
Gloria, PA
Thank you Monique for your help, your a doll. You do your job exceptionally well. I hope they pay you well.
Edgar, NJ
thanks as always Monique. Talk to you soon. Take care :) Keep up the great work.
Melissa, FL
Thanks a ton! You guys rock!
Andrew, ON Canada
I ordered a few pounds of virginia and turkish tobacco from you folks and just processed my first batch. I have to say I am floored by the quality. I...
Sergei, Tel Aviv, IS
Hi Monique, I appreciate your effort to help. I would like to thank you once again for your assistance and patience
Randolph, WA
I just thought I would let you know that I received my order, and was impressed by the quality of the leaf. Nice and pliable, not like some of the dr...
Gloria, FL
TY my dear. U have been awesome.
Guillermo, NJ
Thank you for your awesome tobacco! You guys are great.
Christopher, IL
You all are awesome! Keep up the amazing work and never give up!!!!
Richard, TX
I was very pleased with the service and the product quality on my first order. My friends have been asking for your website address so they can check ...
Diane, Canada NB
That was speedy service. You're a dear Monique and thank you.
Walter, NS Canada
Monique, thank you for your continued customer support and to Leaf Only for the quality products that are your hallmark!
Lynn, IL
Thank you. Love your products!
David, NS Canada
Still love Leaf Only. You folks rock. Thanks for the great service to day. Expanding from RYO cigarettes to giving a shot at blending my own pipe toba...
J.J., CO
Thanks guys for taking care of us yet again.
Rashema, NJ
Monique, WOW, that was a fast response. I appreciate you trying and for the quick response. I will keep my fingers crossed. Have a GREAT DAY!!
Lyle, IL
Hello, received my third order today from you folks. Couldn't be happier. I'm still new with this whole leaf game but I'm hooked- big time. I've been ...
Terry, France
Hello! I have just received my order, I am extremely happy and satisfied, thank you very much, you do a good job!
Julie, OH
Keep up the great work guys. Always a fantastic product at a fair price.
Will, ON Canada
Overall, I am really impressed with the leaf quality. Shipping was fast, packaging is problem-free, and most importantly leaf quality, just excellent!...
Gloria, PA
Thank you Monique, You are the best!!!! The best news I got all day, which made my day. They need to give you a raise.
Mark, CA
You're welcome, Monique. For customers like me, you're the face of Leaf Only, and knowing there's somebody dependable, reliable and who cares about us...
Manuel, IL
thank you for your great service and awesome product.
Calvin, PA
First of all let me say thank you for providing a great service! All my orders have been packed well and shipped in a timely manner. I bought the star...
Howard, VA
Thank you so much for your assistance, Monique. If not for your kind, attentive assistance, I wouldn't have been able to find this item, which I've no...
Zak, CA
Hi Monique, Thank you, appreciate the good service. I am placing a new order now for 2 more bottles of the vanilla spray, that stuff is amazing by the...
Briana, TX
Love you guys! Absolutely the best. :)
Monica, FL
Thank you sooo much Monique!! You are wonderful!
Richard, OH
Thanks for the great organic and fast shipping
Bryan, WI
Thank you. Love your spirit. Keep it up! You will be successful ... i can tell.
John, CA
Monique, you are absolutely the bomb and have gained a long time customer,great great service thanks again
Philip, New Zealand
Hi Monique, Ir is pleasureable for me to have good communications in all matters, You have exceeded my expectations in this area & I compliment & ...
Efthymis, Greece
Thank you Monique, I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on your customer service
Patrick, MI
What a beautiful batch of leaf,can't wait till the weekend to start rolling, thank you leaf only
Natalie, IA
Thank you so much for this order. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I received these products. They smell wonderful and smoke very well and...
Malcolm, New Zealand
My tobacco arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. and only took 6 days to get here .Which i thought was pretty good all the way down to New Zeal...
Thomas, Japan
Thank you for the always fast and friendly service.
Phillip, IN
i have received the tobacco leaf and can say im very pleased. i will be sure to let my friends know. knowing i can buy organic leaf gives me a great s...
Anthony, WA
Third time ordering from u guys. Satisfied every time. Thank you for changing the smoke game forever.
Monica, FL
Hi Monique, thank you SO MUCH for your quick and informative reply! Much appreciation!
David, CO
Woah, great info here - thanks Monique!
Raymond, CO
You are fabulous! Thank you for quick responses !
Jim, CA
Wow you're fast!
Patrick, MI
Received my leaf today ,two words , WOW thanks!
J.P. Canada
Hi Monique .... thanks so much for the extensive and informative reply .... will have an excellent base now to make a decisions, regarding the product...
Josh, UK
Thanks again Monique, As usual a pleasure doing business with you.
Robert, NJ
writing 2 let u know i got the package and everything was fine am very much satisfied with product thank u very much
Sorin, QC Canada
Thank you so much for your service and product.
Ali, CA
By the way, thank you for liberating me from Big Tobacco. I found my perfect blend and it is better than I ever could have dreamed of and will never g...
Karen, NC
Monique, You are SO awesome to answer my question and provide such great information. Thank you SO much!!! These days, no one cares enough to take th...
Denisse, VA
Monique, Much gratitude, and CONGRATULATIONS ON HUGE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! starting by making that call to double check it wasn't fraud. Bravo! I love...
Chad, AB Canada
Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful tobacco and the wonderful service. Wish I would have found Leaf Only years ago.
Karen, NC
Monique,I read through your instructions, and I thought to myself, "wow, this gal took the time to make sure I would be successful here with these kid...
Richard, PA
Thank you Monique, You have a great tobacco product and my neighbor also loves it too. I bought a pack of my regular brand cigarettes and didn't even...
Patrick, MI
I am one happy cigar roller thank you leaf only
Shawn, CA
I received my whole leaf yesterday and I ordered the sweet flue cured combo, every leaf was in pristine condition. It was too moist or too dry. I am v...
Denisse, VA
Thanks so much, for everything, especially your time and great service! We will be back soon with you :)
Mature, ON Canada
Thank you Monique for the speedy response, and for all the information that you provided.
Patrick, MI
Received my order today I think I'm in love ha ha thanks a bunch awsome
Gideon, South Africa
Hi Monique, I have received my 3rd shipment of Leaf today here in South Africa.I just want to thank you and your team for and excellent product and an...
Cole, APO
once again thank you so much for the over the top customer service, I know you have to do extra work to process my orders an I greatly appreciate it M...
Frederick, MA
I just received my shipment of 3# of Canadian Organic Leaf tobacco and it is of the highest quality. I appreciate all your help in supplying this hig...
Bruce, VA
Thank you, Speedy delivery, and I am very happy with your product.
Sharon, WV
Jason, thank you for such an efficient and informative phone call. I appreciated all you had to say, in particular, about the Canadian tobacco I am so...
Inok, TX
Hi Monique, Thanks so much, your customer service is great and I really like your leafs!
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Thankyou, as always, for your great service. I've been a customer for almost a year now and could not be more pleased with your product and service.
Aaron, MS
You guys are awesome. I have saved so much money; not to mention the remarkable quality and warm feelings from shredding and doing it myself. Crazy to...
Shannon, B.C. Canada
Hello :) I received my order of Organic Leaf Only, all three kinds. I just wanted to say thank you! Great quality, perfect humidity level, and so h...
Christopher, IL
I just received your package. You guys have amazing leafs! Easier to seal, taste better, and no funky flavorings like backwoods.
Loretta, CA
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the great product and excellent customer service. Hope to do business with you for years to come.
Michael, NC
Monique,thank you for taking the time to educate me on this. It was you're continuing response's that showed you and your company have integrity and ...
Nicholas, NY
Monique, thanks so much for the quick replies! Thanks for all of your assistance with my order. Your customer service is top notch!!
Pinkie, NC
Monique, my apologies for such a late response but, I certainly do appreciate you and your willingness to be so helpful and go beyond correcting the i...
Diane, TX
Monique, Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! I look forward to being a long time customer as both my husband and I enjoy your ...
Santino, MD
You are so sweet. Thank you. I will order again in the future.
Scott, PA
Thanks for the great product! I appreciate your same day processing, as well.
Fiona, ON CA
Just a quick note to let you know that Calvin and Jason both offered excellent advice and customer service to me. I have never ordered tobacco online...
April, NS Canada
This is an awesome company I have gotten multiple people in nova scotia to order from you. Thank you for all your help!
Lyle, IL
Thank you as always for a great product and your terrific service. Received my order yesterday and all is good. Have a pleasant holiday season.
Aaron, MS
Thanks again for everything you guys. I\'m always pleased by the hospitality you guys practice. Discovering you guys has lowered my smoking cost treme...
Debbie, AB Canada
Ps .... Monique, your great lol and you really have fabulous customer service
Blake, CA
I am super pleased with the current quality of your offerings what I've got from you in recent shipments is the best leaf I've ever been able to get a...
Jay, PA
Thank You very much for your great customer service. I truly appreciate it.
Bart, FL
Thank you for the complimentary express delivery. I love your products and it is a pleasure doing buisness with you because of the great customer serv...
Gabriel, NJ
I'm beyond excited to get going on my crops. I've already told all my bros about you good people, and I'm sure we'll talk again
Lyle, IL
Received my order yesterday. All is good as always. You folks are great. Keep up the good work and enjoy your spring!
Denver, SK Canada
Hi Monique! I'm a big fan of your product and service in general. Great job! With that said, I've been telling every smoker i know how much i recommen...
Neil, MD
Thanks for being so considerate and getting my order out so quickly :) I also appreciate the advice on keeping the tobacco at the proper moisture leve...
Bill, NY
Outstanding service, I visited store on 2/27, Great shop. I have been growing and curing my own for 27 years and the quality of your tobacco is A+. Yo...
Vahe, CA
just want to say thank you, the quality of the tobacco on this last order was really great.
Dylan, CA
Just wanted to say thanks for the great tobacco. So glad to find you. The little hand shredder and organic Virginia flue cured has been wonderful.
Darcey, AB Canada
Thank you for the information! I really like dealing with leafonly! It has been a long time since i have had this level of customer service good job!
Ishan, CA
Love your quality of service. I am a repeat customer!
Beth, WA
Thank you your customer service is fantastic I recently purchased the Izmir combo along with a hand shredder and zen tubes and water pillows. It's al...
Jared, AB Canada
Thank you so much for the tobacco you bring in. I just cant find the quality and consistency you offer here in Canada. I am so happy I stumbled upon y...
Luke, NB Canada
Thank you thank you. Look forward to getting my hands on these leaves. You guys are a game changer in the blunt world in my eyes
Karen, TX
Thanks Monique. As usual you've solved my problem.
Terry, France
I received the order, I am very satisfied, thank you beautiful, see you later.
William, GA
Thank you so much! Great customer service. Great products. I will continue to order with you in the future.
Hal, NB Canada
Loving my order of 5lbs gentleman's combo. My rolling could be better, but the smoke is delicious. Order came to Canada on time with no problems. I ha...
Tony, PA
I've ordered a total of 6lbs of cigarette tobacco and a Shredder from LeafOnly. On TWO Separate occasions. I'm a return customer! That's a big deal pe...
Matthew, KS
Awesome service! Ive had 2 orders, both arrived in great shape and ready to roll! The San Andrés, pa oscuro, and Ecuadorean shade ligero are awesome ...
Donald, TX
When it comes to customer service, tobacco knowledge, and customer care, no one is better than Leaf Only. I am a pipe smoker so I go for mild in the m...
Nancy, AL
I have been totally satisfied with LeafOnly. Great tobacco, awesome communication, friendly & helpful employees. Customer forever.
Preston, AB Canada
Great company always a pleasure to deal with.
Michelle, MD
It's awesome They have fantastic tobacco if you nobody wants good cigars that's where you go
Dale, CA
Just wanted to say thanks for a great company and products. I love all of your tobacco,great taste.I also love the hand shredder Works Great. Also the...
Connie, IN
Would like to commend your company for the good condition of the tobacco I received today and how quickly my order was processed.
Joshua, AK
I forgot how long these leave are lol. You guys are awesome!!
Elizabeth, FL
Thank you again for your awesome help, Monique!
Steven, FL
You guys rock!!!
Kyle, CA
Thank you! Im telling everyone about how great my order was!!
Ricky, NZ
Hey monique, Thank you again for your help. Your a legend
Taylor, FL
Thank you for awesome quality, dark leaves! Love this website!
Amber, FL
I am extremely happy with my purchase! I received my package on time and everything is in perfect condition! Thank you!
Wade, BC Canada
Thank you Monique, big fan of your product and customer service.
Chance, CO
Thanks for the great leaf! I love getting my tobacco from this team!
Grace, CO
I love your products thank you :)))))))))
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I love this leaf tobacco! It is amazing! Thank you so much!!!
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Thanks, Monique. As always you are the bestest.
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Y’all are great
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Great products! Glad I found you guys. I tell all my active duty and vet smokers about LeafOnly.com
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Your company is just amazing
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I really love leaf only and the service you offer. Thank you!!!
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Appreciate your customer service , thank you for your help
Taylor, FL
Thank you again for continuously great service and quality products!
Dominique, BC Canada
Thanks so much Monique for your patience... Have a great day
Florian, Germany
I've ordered from you once in the past and i was extremly impressed by the service and the quality of the leafs I got. You definitely have a new Fan .
John, FL
I\'d like to say that I am very impressed with the customer service your business provides. Thank you for going completely out of your way to make my ...
Lorraine, FL
Received the Fronto Shipment yesterday evening. And my husband tried it and Loved it. He said that he is satisfied with the look quality & taste. So y...
Matthew, TX
Monique! My favorite! You guys have the best customer service!
Brindsley, Ireland
Monique, thank you for all your help and the great customer service.
Kristi, TX
Thank you! I highly appreciate your help! Thank you and your company for helping me make history tangible to my eighth graders!
Wade, BC Canada
Thanks for your time on my account, recent order has arrived and it is not good. It is spectacular. Better than Christmas morning. Thanks
John, CA
WOW! You all are so amazing! I'm blown away. This is above and beyond! Thank you so much! You have helped me satisfy my customer and for that I will ...
Kevin, PA
You guys are great. Thank you for the wonderful product, I've been recommending you to friends and family since I found you.
Ben, WI
Monique, that is EXACTLY the kind of information I'm looking for! Thank you so much! It has been an actual business doing pleasure! I noticed that you...
Frank, VT
Thank you for your good attention and service. I enjoy my hobby rolling cigars and having a good smoke with great satisfaction for myself and friends....
Holly, BC Canada
My parcel arrives and I an very happy with the product! Looks like you have another regular customer now. Great service and product. Thanks!
Bob, TN
Monique, You're the one I talked to when I was looking into the shredder. You might remember a guy who asked one heck of a lot of questions about it a...
Jim, RI
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me. I love your products and I'm very happy with all my orders.
Matt, MO
Hey Monique I have heard many great things about you on the reviews. WOW! You and your team are as good as all the reviews say you are. Thanks so much...
Paul, TX
I received my order yesterday and was extremely impressed with the quality of the leaf as well as the packaging. I will definitely be ordering from y...
Skyler, PA
My package arrived extremely quickly thank you so much! This is the first time I have bought whole leaf… Thought it quite the deal considering the p...
Daniel, MN
I'm very happy with the offerings from your business. I hope I can get into rolling cigars - if so, I know I can count on you folks for a great select...
Greg, SC
I received my order and I am very pleased. I will be in touch as soon as this is gone, also I’m a big fan of the Ecuadorian shade! Thanks again
Stephen, CA
Your services help preserve the medicinal and traditional spirit of the tobacco plant, thank you for helping stabilize the ignorance of corporate taba...
Roy, NY
You guy's are going to go far with a product like this. I just smoked my first cigarette with your tab tobacco. So good. You got my vote.
Jeremiah, PA
Love the product you guys offer! Will be a lifetime buyer!!! Thank you for doing something different and making this safer and cutting in to big tobac...
Timothy, MI
You guys are perfect. Thanks for having great products
Lloyd, VA
Got my Chaveta today and LOVE IT!! Just like the one my grandfather and father had to make home made and factory hand made cigars in Ybor City, Tampa...
Stu, MI
I've been buying tobacco from this company for less than a year now and I really enjoy the quality of the tobacco and the ability to share such fine q...
Aaron, NH
You guys do an amazing job with the tobacco, I smoked a whole pound of the organic burley because I loved it so much for rolling cigs with. The qualit...
Jamie, MI
Monique thank you very much. I really appreciate your great service.
David, CA
I've been purchasing your organic tobacco for about a year. I'm very pleased with your company, your product, and service. I have 3 smokers at home an...
Torey, IN
I ordered 1/4 lb American Virginia flue cured 2013. I just wanted to say thank you for a good tobacco I was sceptical at first about ordering but went...
Mary Lou, BC Canada
Thanks a lot Monique. You have turned my frustration into satisfaction. Have a wonderful New Year.
Andres, OR
I was very happy with the quality of tobacco your wonderful company produces and I look forward to trying all of them at some point! Keep up the great...
Linda, TX
Thank you for the last order, the leaves were very good! Just what I expected. Thanks again you rock!
Chance, CO
I can't get enough of this tabacco! I don't even like smoking anything else at this point.
Craig, MI
Thank you for the wonderful tobacco, I am quite fond of it.
Yvonne, BC Canada
I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your product. It makes a world of difference financially and is just so much better. Thank you for bei...
Jacob, FL
Thank you for providing a beautiful alternative to mainstream tobacco products!!!!!!!!
Theresa, CA
Thank you very much. I appreciate you all. Just love your product!
Sean, AB Canada
I want to say that your website is great, and I really like the selection that you guys have
Michael, FL
Monique, well I'm really glad I asked about all this before purchasing and I really appreciate your honesty about the product.
Raquel, NY
Love you guys always reliable
Mike, TX
Thanks for your great product!
Devin, CO
I love you guys!! Every single time I amazed by the quality of the product and shipping. I have referred many customers and will continue to send more...
Robert, MN
I am totally sold on the quality of your whole leaf products, AND fasst turn around time. I have shared cigarettes with a number of friends and their ...
Robert, MN
With the quality tobacco and the awesome customer service I am a lifetime customer
Theresa, CA
Thank you! You are a great place to shop and so much quality. Such a joy!
Robert, NY
I love ya'll! Always reliable and on point thanks leaf only
Adam, CA
Thanks you so much for the 2-3 years of shipping leaves to me. They are very good quality and ive enjoyed them many times
Melissa, TX
Monique, I have been a loyal customer of your company for a while now and I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for always having my order d...
Evan, CA
thanks guys for being so legit, your quality has made a big impact in my life, and benefited me as well as my health and creativity
Paul, MA
Thanks very much. I really enjoy your tobacco!
Adan, CA
Thank you for the awesome service and great product.
Andrew, CA
Love what your doing over there! Keep it up!
Dylan, CO
Thanks for the consistency and speed. These leaves are superior to anything I've had in the past and I will continue to purchase them without a doubt!...
Scott, NV
Jason thanks for all the help!
Patrick, QC Canada
just received your order and its perfect!! ty very very much!!
James, CA
Thank you for providing such a superior product. I have by buying Leaf Only whole leaves for 5 years now and I always love turning new people on to Le...
Brian, TX
Love my fronta leafs. Wish i had found you guys 10 years ago, the money I would of saved. Thank you for a great product
Sarah, FL
Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy the nicotiana rustica I bought once, and now again. Was not even shopping for tobacco when I found yo...
Dawn, ON Canada
Thank you Monique, You are a true professional!
David, TX
Hi, since y'all were out of Virginia bright leaf sweet, Monique sent me Canadian Virginia: -got here super fast (wow) and this product is so beautiful...
Doug, MA
You are a life saver. thank you very much. I’m telling all my friends how “you” Monique took care of me.
Janice, GA
I must say I always get good fronto whenever I place my order you, Monique. Thank you.
Nuwan, CA
You guys are doing an excellent job and please keep up the great work. Cigarettes are $10 a pack here and you guys save me tons of money. Thank you th...
Shannen, BC Canada
All of my previous orders have been perfect and your customer service is impeccable !Thanks so much
Wade, BC Canada
Received order hour ago, quality outstanding. Love your company.
Jacob, FL
Thank you for providing a beautiful alternative to mainstream tobacco products!!!!!!!!
Jason, CO
Thanks Monique. Totally get it. Thanks for kind and honest service :)
Robert, MI
I just received my order and I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you provide and the amazing quality of the Organic Burly and Virgi...
James, CA
Thank you for providing such a superior product. I have by buying Leaf Only whole leaves for 5 years now and I always love turning new people on to Le...
Anke, FL
So glad I found you. Thank you for offering true organic Tobacco leaves.
Nicholas, AL
Love your fronto !
Jermyn, TN
You guys are the best.
Jay, MA
Patrick has always been a great help in making sure my orders go through in a timely fashion. Thank you for your help and with regards to the order.
Peter, CA
Thanks! You folks are awesome. I am enjoying my first order from you all, and I could not be a happier customer. The tobacco is fantastic, and the han...
John, NH
My first order arrived today. Everything looks great!!! Will keep you posted on my first hand rolled cigars turn out!! I look forward to this greatly!...
Philippe, VT
Monique, thank you for your fast response and amazing service!
John, NH
Thank you Monique for Your help with my questions I really would like to let you know that means a great deal to me as a customer your quick response ...
Marcus, NY
I love doing business with you guys it seems like it gets better everytime!!!
Derek, BC Canada
Everything arrived yesterday, very happy. Got it all processed. Tastes great. Injector is amazing
Theresa, CA
Thank you for your great product and service. I appreciate it.
Nakhomnenn, MA
Thanks for the purchase. I will always grab frontos through you guys. This is my 7th purchase, never disappointed.
Kenneth, BC Canada
You are providing a wonderful service to us all.
John, NH
Thank you very much for your quick response to my questions!!! You guy's rock!!!! I can't wait for my order too get here!!! The starter kit I ordered ...
Craig, OR
Tried ordering from another company and their quality of tobacco didnt touch yours.... thanks so much for the amazing product.
Bryan, MO
By far, the best, easiest website, account registration and checkout process I have experienced...Excellent!
Ian, NC
Thank y'all for the amazing tobacco!
Marc, OR
Thank you for sending me great quality products!
Kevin, ON Canada
Monique, Keep up the excellent work! Your product is superior.
John, NH
Just got my order today once again way above and beyond my expectations!!!! Monique, you rock and so does Leaf only!!!! Thank you very,very much have ...
Rolf, CA
I have ordered Virginia Flue from you guys before. The quality was absolutely superb. Keep up the good work and god bless!
Denny, MT
This is the only place I buy tobacco anymore, still great stuff, thanks again!
Joel, FL
I've been ordering from your company for a few months and I wanted to tell you the product is fantastic and I've had zero complaints. Please pass my g...
Brian, MA
Thanks again tobacco is way better than any I've tried so far
Ken, OR
Package arrived today, everything was excellent. Great job thank you.
Andrea, UK
Monique, Thanks a lot for all your dedication and support!
Lucia, CA
My first shipment from Leaf Only is my first experience with whole leaf tobacco and I’m NEVER going back to commercial products. I am really enjoyi...
Kevin, PA
You guys are great. Thank you for the wonderful product, I've been recommending you to friends and family since I found you.
Andrew, South Africa
Great response. Super helpful. Thank you Monique!
Donald, CA
Thanks for Everything! Love You Guys! I'm A Customer For Life! A+++ Service And Quality!!
Michael, SC
Very great doing business with you. You are very customer oriented. Everything comes very good and on time pleasure doing business with you thank you
Christopher, MD
That was an absolutely amazing reply, thank you Monique. Now that I know it's safe I'll be ordering another batch right now... :)
Jim, SD
Hello! We ordered for the first time about month or so ago the 5 lb light combo. We love it ! Better than what we were smoking before and the money we...
Gregory, OR
Thanks for your great quality product!
Oluwadamilola, NC
I bought some fronto leaves from you guys and I love it.
Joel, MS
I would just like to say what a profound joy it is to have discovered your store. As I said I am an avid cigar enthusiast but due to financial constra...
Boyd, NV
Monique I wanted to reach out and express my extreme satisfaction with your product & service with my orders. Moved from New York to Las Vegas and was...
Lauri, Finland
Monique, I understand that this is a great hassle for a small order and I highly appreciate your excellent customer service.
Patrick, MD
You guys are awesome with great service and fantastic product!
Jason, AU
Monique, I just want to say thanks for all your help!
Joel, FL
I've been ordering from your company for a few months and I wanted to tell you the product is fantastic and I've had zero complaints. Please pass my g...
Devante, CA
Monique thank you for being great help looking forward to doing more business with this company !
Kadrin, FL
First of i want to say how much i love and highly respect you guys services. I’m from The Bahamas and this order will be the 2nd for my business pr...
Eric, ME
Love the product keep up the good work! Recommending you guys to everyone.
Ronald, FL
Thank you Monique and Patrick for your patience and help !
James, MA
Monique is not getting paid enough. She courteously and promptly responded to a grumpy seventy five year old's gripes. Give her a raise.
Devin, FL
I received my order and am pleasantly surprised! I love it!!
Marla, BC Canada
Monique! Wow, great customer service! :)
Lynda, NZ
Monique, thank you for your fantastic customer service and quick response!
JoAnne, FL
Thanks for the speedy response! You are the best Monique! We really appreciate your help with this matter.
Shawn, NJ
Thanks with all my heart for what you guys do. Going to be ordering way more next time and a shredder.
Jacob, FL
Thank you for providing a beautiful alternative to mainstream tobacco products!!!!!!!!
Arshaw, SC
You guys are doing a great job on adjusting to the new trends. Thanks!
Glen, BC Canada
Thanks Monique and thanks everyone else at leaf only!
Timothy, FL
Thank you for reaching out, excellent customer service right there!
Charmin, DC
Hey Ms Monique thank u for fixing our problem. Your professionalism was noted and very appreciated.
Heather, ON Canada
I received my order yesterday and I would have to say that I’m impressed at the quality of the tobacco, That I already put another order in.
Glenn, NY
Just an FYI- I received my leaf and your quality is literally at least 5-8 x’s better than the other leaf company.
Joel, FL
I've been ordering from your company for a few months and I wanted to tell you the product is fantastic and I've had zero complaints. Please pass my g...
Heather, ON Canada
My husband and I have received our order today and we are very pleased. Fantastic, It just can’t get any better than this.
Troy, NY
Thanks for the Grabba you guys are awesome love this company
Gary, NE
Monique you have been more than helpful you're awesome !!!
Greg, CA
Thank you for continuing to supply your fine tobacco!
Mary, CA
Monique, I appreciate your speedy response and thorough tobacco tutorial! I’m certainly grateful for your tobacco and awesome customer service.
Bob, TN
Thanks for your input, Monique. As always, I appreciate your candor.
Luco, CA
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! This is my 3rd time ordering with many more orders to go! Quality people with quality product
Cory, QC Canada
Thanks Monique, you have helped me before and have always been friendly and helpful.
Michael, AR
Please let your team know I loved my latest purchase! Wrapper's are of the highest grade and the low grade cigar filler is awesome!
Peter, NY
I just received the tobacco I ordered. Its very fresh and beautiful. Thanks so much.
Heather & Tim, ON Canada
You guys and ladies are truly a great team and company to do business with
Terry, NZ
Just a thanks to Jason and everyone hard out working to fill our orders.You guys Rock
Michael, AR
Everything is great. Just want to thank all of you guys gals for just absolute quality. You guys are awesome.
Karinne, CA
We appreciate your great quality products. Freshness is always on the top of your list. Thank you!
Robert, CA
Thank you for the quick response and explanation. I appreciate your company’s customer service attention to my inquiry.
Smokin’ Acez Vape & Lounge, FL
Always a pleasure doing business with your company.
Diego, CA
Thank you for the great customer service.
Gareth, UK
I received the tobacco today and very happy with it good quality as usual.
Aaron, NH
Was really happy with my last order. Excited to have a nice fresh batch. Lovely tobacco u cant get anywhere else.
Haamzah, NY
I would like to say I enjoy the quality of your products! Keep up the great work and thank you very much!
David, TX
Thanks for 'hanging in there' through all these hard times and thanks for excellent tobacco, so many times.
Malik, MD
Thank you guys so much, your still the best and only leaf site out there for me , I’m so anxious to try them all, happy holidays to you and all staf...
Martina, MD
Monique, thank you for your continued excellent customer service!
Stuart, MI
Ive been ordering tobacco I believe since 2017 from leaf only. I've turned on a few friends that buy it as their everyday product. I treat my tobacco ...
Zach, FL
Thank you for the quality product as well as the customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Marlon, TX
Just wanted to thank your team for always getting out my orders so quickly, especially during the this pandemic.
Ryan, MA
You guys are an outstanding company and I recommend you to everyone I meet that smokes.
Just writing to express how happy/impressed I was with a telephone call with Jason this morning. I am a new customer (from Alberta, Canada), and was h...