$9.74 / lb

A mixture of scrap consistency Cigar Filler, Wrapper, and Binder leaves.

$5.99 / lb

A mixture of scrap consistency leaves from the Connecticut Broadleaf plant, includes a mixture of 1LS, 2Ls, MED and 1DW. 

$7.49 / lb

A mix of our American Virginia Flue Cured scrap consistency leaves. 

$7.49 / lb

A mix of scrap consitency Virginia Flue Cured leaves including Canadian, American, Brightleaf and more!

$16.99 / lb

Nicotiana Rustica, someitmes known as Wild Tobacco, thuoc lao, mapacho and other regional names, is an incredibly strong variety of whole leaf tobacco with up to 9x more nicotine then other varietys of whole leaf tobacco. 


$14.99 / lb

Grown in Kasturi, East Java, Indonesia, this leaf is primarily used to produce local Kretek (clove) cigarettes.

$9.75 / lb

Lower quality, scrap consistency version of our Organic American Virginia Flue Cured

Certified Organic.

$7.99 / lb

A mix of our scrap consitency Fronto and Grabba leaves including QB-52, Dark Fire Cured, and others!

$5.99 / lb

A mix of all scrap consitency leaves. Can contain scraps from all leaf varieties.