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Leaf Only is your number one source for wholesale raw leaf tobacco of all types and varieties. Minimum wholesale orders start at 10 lbs. If you have not already established an account, please contact us to discuss your needs, pricing, and availability of bulk leaf tobacco - Inlcuding cigar wrappers, cigar binders, cigar filler, maduro tobacco leaf, shade tobacco leaf, fronto leaf, cigarette tobacco leaf, and more.

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Wholesale Fronto Leaf
Fronto / Grabba For Every Market

Wholesale Fronto Leaf, Buy Fronto Leaf, Bulk Fronto Leaf


All-Purpose Rolling and Blending

Flue Cured Leaves
Bright Virginia Flue Cured

Wholesale Cigarette Tobacco Leaf, Wholesale Virginia Flue Cured, Burley, Oriental, and more!


MYO Cigarettes, Pipe, and Hookah Blending

Cigar Tobacco Leaves
Wrapper, Binder, and Filler

Wholesale Cigar Tobacco Leaf, Wholesale Leaf, Wholesale Tobacco


MYO Cigar Filler
(wrappers, binders, and additional fillers also available)

Fire Cured Leaves
Dark Fire Cured

Wholesale Fronto Leaf, Buy Fronto Leaf, Bulk Fronto Leaf, Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf


MYO Pipe and Cigarette Blending

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Raw Tobacco Leaves, Whole Tobacco Leaf, Buy Tobacco Products

Tobacco Leaf for Sale, Buy Tobacco Leaf, Roll Your Own

Trade Customers Only
10 lbs and Up.

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Buy Bulk Tobacco, Wholesale Tobacco, Raw Tobacco Leaves

Tobacco Leaf Expertise
All Varieties. All Industries.

Leaf Only offers an enormous range of tobacco leaf, accessories and services. From bulk tobacco leaves to tobacco leaf industry consulting, Leaf Only can help you with your tobacco business.

Tobacco Products, Tobacco Leaves, Tobacco Leaf Accessories, Tobacco Cutters

The Largest Variety of Tobacco Leaf Options and Services

Leaf Only offers a wide variety of tobacco leaf products and services. Our core business is raw tobacco leaf distribution, coupled with various partnerships that allow us to give you the highest level of service as possible. Our leaves expand acrooss all known tobacco industries, and our list of tobacco services includes tobacco consulting, tobacco leaf storage, and much more.

Top Rated Tobacco Leaf Company

Leaf Only is considered the premier outlet for purchasing unmanufactured whole leaf tobacco. Whether you are in the market for wholesale fronto leaf, wholesale grabba leaf, wholesale cigarette leaf, or wholesale cigar leaf, Leaf Only is the leading choice of buyers all over the globe interested in purchasing bulk tobacco leaf by the pound. As a leading wholesale tobacco leaf distributor, Leaf Only provides the highest quality raw tobacco leaf for rolling, crushing, wrapping, shredding, and many other purposes.

Trusted in the Industry for Quality and Service

One of the reasons why Leaf Only stands out from their competitors is their commitment to providing the best quality and variety of unprocessed whole leaf tobacco for sale. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Leaf Only LLC become the most trusted name in the industry. Leaf Only sources its tobacco leaves from only the finest growers and suppliers, and each type of whole leaf tobacco undergoes careful inspection to ensure that it is of the highest quality before being sent to our customers.

Offering Tobacco Leaf, Tobacco Leaf Accessories & Tools, and Much More

In addition to providing high-quality unmanufactured whole leaf tobacco, Leaf Only also offers a wide range of whole leaf tobacco related accessories and items. Leaf Only is willing to work with customers to meet their needs for any size order, from individual fronto leaf packs to bulk tobacco leaf sold by the pound. With their wide selection of options, customers can easily find the right tobacco leaf for their needs, whether they are looking for a specific type of tobacco, or a specific style of rolling.

Top Notch Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Leaf Only takes pride in providing exceptional support. The company's team of knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance to customers. Whether you are looking for information about a specific whole leaf tobacco or need help placing an order, Leaf Only is there to help. Do not hesitate to contact Leaf Only with any questions related to wholesale tobacco leaf!

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In conclusion, Leaf Only has proven to be the best place to buy wholesale fronto leaf, wholesale grabba leaf, wholesale cigar leaf, as well as many other types of wholesale bulk tobacco leaves. With their commitment to quality, wide selection of whole leaf tobacco options, and exceptional customer service, Leaf Only is the obvious choice for all your raw tobacco leaf needs. So why wait? Visit Leaf Only today and start enjoying the best whole leaf tobacco on the market! And if you have something we can't help you with, we can usually point you in the direction of someone who can.

Other Tobacco Leaves at Leaf Only:

Aged Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa Filler

Aged Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa Filler

Aged Ecuadorian Seco Filler

Aged Ecuadorian Seco Filler



Samsun Turkish Oriental

Samsun Turkish Oriental

Aged Nicaraguan Seco Condega Filler

Aged Nicaraguan Seco Condega Filler

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