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CT Broadleaf Cigar Binder - 2LS CT Broadleaf Cigar Binder - 2LS
« Back to All All Tobacco Leaves By The Pound Buy 2LS CT Tobacco cigar binder leaf cigar binder online. Whole leaf tobacco to roll your own cigars!

CT 2LS Binder NEW!

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 25in x 11in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 32

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$17.99 / lb
In stock

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Our 2LS CT Broadleaf cigar binder is basically just Connecticut's grade for binder. It has a popular light tone, with a beautiful tan brown on the outside of the wrapper. The leaf is soft and darker on the inner side. 


Grown on the Connecticut Broadleaf Plant, the 2LS grade are leaves that are not quite wrapper, but still plenty good enough to be binder. Sometimes even wrapper leaves can be found in the mix!

This leaf has a light tone with a beautiful tan brown on the outside of the tobacco. CT tobacco sometimes has prominent veins, but they can be rolled down with a rolling pin.

This leaf is one of the first binders we ever offered at Leaf Only, and remains a crowd favorite! Also some of the least expensive Connecticut Broadleaf available!

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Hello :) I received my order of Organic Leaf Only, all three kinds. I just wanted to say thank you! Great quality, perfect humidity level, and so happy it shipped to Canada with no excess fees. Thank you so much for providing such a great product. All the best! "

- Shannon, B.C. Canada

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Customer: Martin
Date: Jan, 24, 2015

This is really a nice binder leaf. It's smooth, elastic and ready to go once you receive the package. i will purchase more. Strongly recommend it

Customer: Eric LaRoche
Date: Jan, 31, 2016

Good binder though it does take extra prep time since it's not flat packed and it tends to be gritty/sandy so I dunk it in a bucket of water while flattening it out to rinse off any dirt particles. It is quite thick and easy to work with, it has very little flavor of its own so it won't over power whatever you want to put inside or around it.

Customer: Andy Brodie
Date: Oct, 10, 2017

This is great leaf to work with!...a beautiful color ranging from light tan to a dark reddish brown. I've found leaf suitable for wrapper in amongst this stuff, it makes good wrapper with it's amazing elasticity. There are a few big veins on this large leaf but they're easily rolled out during preparation. I'll happily buy more of this tobacco..

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