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Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J1)

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 32in x 14in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 15

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Grabba Leaf Dark Air Cured Tobacco For Sale. Buy Red Rose Tobacco - Jamaican Tobacco Leaf Fronto. $29.99 / lb
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The Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J1) is often a very dark, very thick air cured tobacco leaf, but is not a wrapper grade tobacco. The J1 Grade name signifies that it was grown southwest of Louisville, KY, USA. This leaf is often one of the largest, and one of the darkest leaves we carry, but as with any natural leaf, this can vary slightly.  This leaf has a very dark chocolate brown color on top, with a lighter color on the underneath. Due to its large size, it is to be expected that there will be slightly more damages than other Dark Air Cured.

Leaf preference varies from location to location, so it is always recommended that you try a selection of a few different leaves, to see which you, or your customers, prefer most! Each type of leaf has 1/4lb sample sizes available.

Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J1) is a tobacco leaf that is often used to make your own grabba leaf. In addition to being a top choice for grabba tobacco leaf, Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J1) can also be used for the following applications:


Our Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf (J1) is one of many varieties of leaf called Grabba, Red Rose, Red Leaf, Fronto, Funta, and other similar terms that mean that all mean the same thing - that it is a dark thick tobacco leaf, popular in the Caribbean, commonly used for crushing or blending. It provides a strong, bold smoke that is often referred to as ‘hot’, or with a strong ‘hit’.

This type of leaf is commonly sold either by the leaf, or by the pound in many stores. Although primarily used to mix with, it is also possible to roll with some of the thinner varieties of Dark Air Cured leaf. 

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"You guys are awesome! A buddy liked my nicaraguan blend from my last order better than the cuban cohibas he got on his deployment to Guantanamo bay! I smoked 3 myself after they were only 2 days old and people are wanting them about as fast as i can roll them! In the process of writing an article for a pretty highly viewed website about the journey of starting to roll cigars from home. We are mentioning your website as the supplier for all of our tobacco and tools. Thanks for everything! I'm a leaf only lifer! Thanks for being awesome!"

- Matthew, KS

To learn more about Leaf Only, visit the About Us page. If there is a particular tobacco leaf that you do not see on our website, please Contact Us. There is a good chance we can find the leaf you are looking for!


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Customer: Zach Lowman
Date: Jan, 20, 2021

This leaf is strong with a nice bold finish! Very enjoyable with slow and even burning characteristics. Roll to fit your needs, from a small personal, to a king size party stopper! Always sure to please.... check out the Fronto Dark Air Cured leaf for a great time! Zach, FLA

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