Medium strength whole tobacco leaf - Used primarily as a cigar wrapper for premium cigars.

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 28 Approximate leaf dimensions: 26in x 11in

Our Medium CT broadleaf is quite popular, darker than expected, and much more like a Maduro in texture, but just slightly thinner. If you are looking for a Maduro and don't mind a slightly larger leaf, this is the right tobacco leaf for you!

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MED CT Broadleaf Cigar Wrappers - Cigar Wrapper Leaf from Connecticut

Whole Leaf
Leaf Location
Whole leaf cigar wrapper, tobacco leaves for sale, medium tobacco leaf unfolded Location of Medium Tobacco Leaves on the CT Broadleaf Tobacco Plant

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Fronto Leaves, and More!- Connecticut's MED broadleaf excels cigar wrap in taste, seals smooth, and cuts clean. This leaf burns great, with a very clean ash.


- Smells like a good Maduro with little less spice, but much more earthy and sweet flavor compared to the Maduro.


- Fragile when too wet. Keeping the leaf moist and not too wet is the key to success with this broad leaf. It's recommended to wet by damp towel rather than spray bottle. Give it plenty of time to even out.


- Moderate vein size, but they roll out easily with a rolling-pin.


- As a filler: strong and ever so slightly sweet. Smooth and bold without being overwhelming.


- As a binder: carries a base note and adds a nice dark tone to a cigar. Handle with care when binding.


- As a wrapper: it is strong, but friendly. Handle with care when wrapping, but prepare for a gorgeous cigar. Take your time smoking it and it is excellent with any good drink.

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