Havana Tobacco Leaf Bundles, Tobacco Hands for Sale

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 32 Approximate leaf dimensions: 22in x 9in

Our Havana 7 CT broadleaf is a popular, light colored, good shining, large leaf. This tobacco leaf is somewhat slim in cross section, but carries all that is to be expected out of a Havana seed. These CT Havana tobacco leaves are not graded. So in each bundle you will likley find leaves for wrapper, binder, and filler.

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Havana 7 Cigar Tobacco Leaf Wrapper

Whole Leaf
Leaf Location
Havana Cigar Wrappers from from the CT Havana tobacco plant Location of Havana Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaves on the CT Havana Tobacco Plant

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Fronto Leaves, and More!- Connecticut's Havana 7 broadleaf has a strong aroma with earthy tones and spicy top note.

- When moisturized it springs to life and is quite supple. When seperating middle vein it strips smoothly from the point towards the heel of the leaf.


- Veins are easily rolled down, and of small, to middle size.


- Strong for a filler but if mixed with a lighter filler it as a bold note, like the trumpet in a good jazz band.


- Works great as binder. Very smooth and adds a robust note to the tobacco it binds.


- Adhered smoothly to my rolling surface with good elasticity. Smooth finish with beautiful blending of edges and end cap. True Havana flavor. Good with a light colored beer and also whiskey.

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