Pennsylvania Oscuro Cigar Wrapper Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Pennsylvania Oscuro Cigar Wrapper Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Pennsylvania Oscuro Cigar Wrapper Whole Tobacco Leaf

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Pennsylvania Oscuro Wrapper

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 25in x 10in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 25

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Pennsylvania oscuro tobacco leaves. Known for their dark color, these oscuro wrappers are grown in PA, USA, which is known for it's great quality and affordable price. $26.99 / lb
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The PA Oscuro Wrapper is a beautiful dark chocolate wrapper leaf grown in Pennsylvania, USA. This variety of tobacco leaf is of high, wrapper leaf quality, with a slightly thinner composition than our CT 1DW / Maduro, but is similar in color.

The PA oscuro tobacco leaf provides a nice clean and smooth smoke. With veins that are not quite as prominent as some other wrappers. 


Our PA Oscuro Tobacco Leaves arrive tied in hands and bring along a wonderfully light, chocolatey tobacco scent. PA cigar wrapper leaves are easy to handle, and a joy to work with. A little less broad than some of our other leaves, but still makes beautiful oscuro cigars. Allow up to 10% waste per pound.

Due to such high demand for this leaf, we actually have to RE-import this leaf from the Dominican. The way they sort and store the leaf produces a more papery texture and slightly different flavor profile than PA wrapper leaf that never leaves America. Both versions of this leaf are classic broadleaf wrappers and a favorite amongst many customers.

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Customer: Terry
Date: Aug, 20, 2015

These leaves are thick, veiny, and generally inconsistent in color (on the same leaf not just in general). Also they are very large (long and narrow) but once moistened and flattened they are very pliable and usually come out quite soft and result in a pleasant smoke.

Customer: leafinator
Date: Aug, 19, 2019

Thinner and smaller veins than some of the cheaper stuff. Easy to work with, lovely odor and not too expensive. Very nice for the price.

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