Honduran Viso Whole Leaf Cigar Filler Tobacco
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Honduran Viso Long Filler

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 16in x 6in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 140

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$19.99 / lb
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Our Aged Honduran Viso Tobacco Leaves are medium to bold. Since Honduras borders Nicaragua, you would think that the leaves would be similar, but as always, the slightest difference in climate and growing methods always offer a unique tobacco leaf experience!

This is a premium cigar filler that is used in many hand-rolled premium cigar filler blends. Make your own perfect cigar blend with our Aged Honduran Viso Filler! 



Our Aged Honduran Viso is one of the few Visos we carry besides our Brazilian. Viso is more powerful than seco, but less powerful than Ligero. It is a wonderful mid-ranged leaf and is used as a main filler in many premium cigars.

If forced to compare with the Nicaraguan Viso, I would say it is slightly more narrow, darker, and is a bit more heavy. These leaves arrive packed in flat stacks and are ready to use as cigar filler.

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Customer: Eric LaRoche
Date: Feb, 04, 2016

Great leaf. Just finished smoking a cigar made purely of this leaf (for tasting purposes.) I have to say it is quite wonderful. Nice mild sweet cream, with just a hint of flat cinnamon and just a touch of spicy heat to make things interesting. It is overall pretty smooth and produces very thick smoke. Definitely a winner for a blend component. It does carry a bit of strength in the nicotine department, not a knock you out of your chair level but it'll let you know it's there.

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