Fronto Grabba Dark Air Cured Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf Only J2
  • Fronto Grabba Dark Air Cured Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf Only J2
  • Fronto Grabba Dark Air Cured Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf Only J2

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Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J2)

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Grabba Leaf Dark Air Cured Tobacco For Sale. Buy Red Rose Tobacco - Jamaican Tobacco Leaf Fronto. $21.99 / lb
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The Fronto / Dark Air Cured (J2) is often a very dark, very thick air cured tobacco leaf, but is not a wrapper grade tobacco. Our Dark Air Cured (J2) is a 2LS grade, which means it is a binder grade leaf. For wraps and grabba, there is still plenty of leaf to use; but, overall most leaves will have at least a couple of rips and holes or discoloration making it a binder grade. This leaf is often one of the largest, and one of the darkest leaves we carry, but as with any natural leaf, this can vary slightly.

Leaf preference varies from location to location, so it is always recommended that you try a selection of a few different leaves, to see which you, or your customers, prefer most! Each type of leaf has 1/4lb sample sizes available.


Our Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf (J2) is one of many varieties of leaf called Grabba, Red Rose, Red Leaf, Fronto, Funta, and other similar terms that mean that all mean the same thing - that it is a dark thick tobacco leaf, popular in the Caribbean, commonly used for crushing or blending. It provides a strong, bold smoke that is often referred to as ‘hot’, or with a strong ‘hit’.

This tobacco leaf is the 2LS Grade of our Dark Air Cured Fronto (J1)

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