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Ecuadorian CT Shade Wrapper LOW STOCK

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Ecuadorian Grown Connecticut Shade Leaf - Ecuadorian CT Shade Tobacco Leaves By The Pound. Where else can you find  shade leaf tobacco for such a great price? $44.99 / lb
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This Ecuadorian grown CT Shade seed Leaf has a great tan color, and is velvety and thin, very similar to what you would expect in other high-quality CT Shade Tobacco. For the difference in price, it's a great option!


Our Ecuadorian CT Shade Wrapper is grown from the prized Connecticut Shade Seed, but in Ecuador.

Much like our CT Premium Shade Wrapper, this leaf needs to be handled with great care. Before cutting, moisten with a towel as to not damage the leaf. This leaf is small veined, so there is no need to roll out.

This Ecuadorian grown wrapper offers a very similar taste and body to our CT Premium Shade Wrapper only with an earthier aroma. Another world class wrapper.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Thanks with all my heart for what you guys do. Going to be ordering way more next time and a shredder. "

- Shawn, NJ

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