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« Back to All All Tobacco Leaves By The Pound An incredibly rare tobacco, this Paraguayan Ligero Cigar Filler has a unique flavor unlike any other, even other South American tobacco. A dark, red-brown leaf, this Cigar Filler comes frog-legged like many other long fillers, although it is not often packed in such neat, flat stacks, making the quality seem lower.

Aged Paraguayan Criollo Ligero Filler

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An incredibly rare tobacco, this Ligero Cigar Filler from Paraguay has a unique flavor unlike any other, even other South American tobaccos. A dark, red-brown leaf, this tobacco comes frog-legged like many other long fillers, although this leaf is much longer, and thinner than other fillers of this type. 

This is a very rare premium cigar filler that is used in hand-rolled premium cigar filler blends. Make your own robust cigar blend with our Aged Paraguayan Ligero Filler


Our Paraguayan Criollo Ligero Filler is grown in small farms in San Pedro, Caaguazú and Canindeyú Paraguay. The extremely red colored soil is very fertile with well-balanced nutrients. The leaves are long, and narrow with a good burning characteristic.

These leaves are not packed in such neat, flat stacks, making the quality seem lower. As with many types of our filler tobacco, what this tobacco lacks in looks, it makes up in flavor. A strong woody-cedar flavor is backed with hints of coffee and cocoa.

The Ligero leaf is most popular as it has the most outspoken flavor characteristics. This is a very robust, full flavored cigar filler leaf.

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Customer: Paul Suffridge
Date: Feb, 24, 2019

Very potent and sweet. Leaves are thick like parchment. Flavor is sweet, spicy, tobacco, currant, little bit of leather. Can't wait to get a few into the humidor to see how it ages. My wife REALLY liked the aroma of the test gars I rolled with Paraguayan ligero, Dominican seco, Dominican binder and maduro wrap. A little of this leaf goes a long way.

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