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Dark Air Cured Dark Air Cured
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Fronto / Dark Air Cured (W1)

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 27in x 10in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 18

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$23.99 / lb
$20.39 / lb
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The Fronto / Dark Air Cured (W1) is a dark, thick, air cured tobacco leaf. The W1 Grade name signifies that it was grown in Tennessee, USA. This leaf is very large, and carries a chocolate brown color, that will only darken with age. This leaf is commonly larger in size, but it can vary in color more than other American grown Dark Air Cured. Although it does come tied in bundles, or 'Hands', due to its large size, it is to be expected that there will be slightly more damages than other bundled D.A.C. leaf.

Leaf preference varies from location to location, so it is always recommended that you try a selection of a few different leaves, to see which you, or your customers, prefer most! Each type of leaf has 1/4lb sample sizes available.


This tobacco and other Dark Air Cured are all varieties of leaf called Grabba, Red Rose, Red Leaf, Fronto, Funta, and other similar terms that mean that all mean the same thing. It is a dark thick tobacco leaf, popular in the Caribbean, commonly used for crushing or blending. It provides a strong, bold smoke that is often referred to as ‘hot’, or with a strong ‘hit’.

This type of leaf is commonly sold either by the leaf, or by the pound in many stores. Although primarily used to mix with, it is also possible to roll with some of the thinner varieties of Dark Air Cured leaf. (Almost GR exclusively)


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