Dark Fire Cured Scrap
« Back to All Snuff / Snus Low Grade Tobacco Leaf Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf Low Grade - This is one of our darkest tobacco leaves, and is commonly used to make chewing tobacco, moist snuff, and as a spice in pipe and cigarette tobacco.

Low Grade Dark Fire Cured

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Our Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf Low Grade is one of the darkest tobacco leaves offered at Leaf Only. It has a very pungent, smoke-like smell and flavor due to the "Fire Curing Process", which uses large, gentle fires to cure the tobacco. Although this leaf is traditionally used to make chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, and in pipe blends, some of our customers have enjoyed this leaf in a hookah blend, or as a roll-your-own fronto leaf, comparable to our Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf, despite it's strong smell and flavor. Also known as "Red Herring".


Our Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf Low Grade arrives with a very strong, smokey scent that might even overpower the smell of other tobacco leaves. 

These Fire Cured Leaf Low Grade have an extremeley dark brown color, similar to that of the CT Maduro tobacco leaves we offer, but is usually much larger because the maduro leaves are picked from the top of the CT broadleaf plant, which leads to their smaller size.

This leaf is mostly used to make your own chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco blends, snuff, snus, and even in some cigarette blends. This leaf is also used as a fronto leaf in some areas and is known as Red Herring because it smells similar to smoked fish (or smoked anything really).


PLEASE NOTE: This is the LOW GRADE CONSISTENCY VERSION OF THIS LEAF. In this batch, you will find lower quality, non-wrapper quality leaves, leaf pieces, and possibly stems. We do also carry Dark Fire Cured Wrapper, which will have fewer damages. Low Grades are sold as is and there are no refunds or exchanges.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Received the Fronto Shipment yesterday evening. And my husband tried it and Loved it. He said that he is satisfied with the look quality & taste. So you will be a new source of Grabba for our business. Just need to do some promotions & Marketing now that we have the actual product available. Thank You! For taking the time out of your schedule to find some of the best leafs we have ever seen. "

- Lorraine, FL

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