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$24.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $7.99

The QB-52 Fronto Leaf Wrapper is yet another extremely popular variety of fronto leaf that is primarily sold by the leaf at city convenience stores and specialty shops. This variety of fronto leaf is of high, wrapper leaf quality, with a slightly lighter color and thickness compared to our Fronto / Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf. This leaf has been aged longer than the regular QB-52 Fronto Wrapper, to make it darker. This can cause parts of the leaf to be black from the process. This is something special we have been doing at Leaf Only to give our customers even more options.

$23.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $7.99

Fronto tobacco leaf, sometimes known as grabba leaf, or fanta leaf, is a tobacco wrapper leaf sold by the individual leaf or by the pound. The leaf should be in good condition, and enjoyed by its users.

$17.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $5.99

Our QB-52 (L) Grade Tobacco is a lower quality version of our classic, popular QB-52 Fronto Leaf Wrappers.

Aged QB-52 Fronto Wrapper
$24.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $8.99

The 2015 QB-52 Fronto Leaf Wrapper is yet another variety of our extremely popular Fronto leaf wrapper. This leaf has been aged longer than the regular and dark QB-52 Fronto Wrappers, to give it a dark chocolate brown color. This is a limited batch we have gotten our hands on at Leaf Only, in an effort to give our customers even more options when it comes to high quality Fronto leaf.