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Dark Fire Cured Cigar Wrapper Fronto Grabba Tobacco Leaf Dark Fire Cured Cigar Wrapper Fronto Grabba Tobacco Leaf

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Dark Fire Cured Wrapper NEW

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 32in x 14in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 15

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Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf - This is one of our darkest tobacco leaves, and is commonly used to make chewing tobacco, moist snuff, and as a condiment in pipe and cigarette tobacco. Black Friday Cyber Monday 15% OFF ALL ITEMS!
$26.99 / lb
$22.94 / lb
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Our Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf is one of the darkest tobacco leaves offered at Leaf Only. The use of large fires to cure the tobacco leaves it with a pungent smoke-like smell and flavor. Although this leaf is traditionally used to make chewing tobacco, snuff, snus, and in pipe blends; some of our customers have enjoyed this leaf in a hookah blend, or as a roll-your-own fronto leaf, comparable to our Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf, despite it's strong smell and flavor.


Our Dark Fire Cured Tobacco Leaf arrives with a very strong, smoky scent that might even overpower the smell of other tobacco leaves in the same package. Make sure you separate your tobaccos when they arrive to avoid the transference of smell.

Our Fire Cured Tobacco Leaves are grown in TN, USA. Unlike previous crops, these leaves are graded, so you can expect most of them to be of wrapper or close to wrapper quality. Allow up to 20% per pound for waste.

These Fire Cured leaves are thick, easy to handle, and some of the largest tobacco leaves we've ever encountered. Like the name sounds, the Dark Fire Cured tobacco leaf has an extremely dark brown color, similar to that of the CT Maduro tobacco leaves we offer; but, is usually much larger because the Maduro leaves are picked from the top of the CT Broadleaf plant, leading to their smaller size.

This leaf is mostly used to make your own chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco blends, snuff, snus, and even in some cigarette blends. This leaf is also used as a fronto leaf in some areas and is known as Red Herring because it smells similar to smoked fish.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Leaf only has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They offer extremely prompt service and have a very reliable staff. They go above ones expectations when it comes to advice not only on what to purchase, but on how to take care of your purchased products (leaf). If you Have the pleasure of dealing With Ms. Monique Hughes, you are definitely in good hands. Apart from the great staff (something most places are lacking nowadays) Leaf only has some of the best tobacco I've ever smoked. Friends and family have asked where I purchased the cigars, only to remain with their jaw slack, when I told them they were personally rolled. The taste is great and the price is unbeatable. Of course you will need to try different blends to find something you like, but if I could recommend at least one type of wrapper, it would be the ct shade leaf wrapper. Amazing colour and great taste! Don't let the price tag scare you though, the amount of wrappers you get per package is well worth the money (over 100 leaves per pound). I cannot recommend this site enough, 10 stars out of 5 every step of the way, Thanks Leaf Only !! "

- Flaviu, Ontario Canada

To learn more about Leaf Only, visit the About Us page. If there is a particular tobacco leaf that you do not see on our website, please Contact Us. There is a good chance we can find the leaf you are looking for!


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Customer: Henry
Date: Feb, 02, 2017

The dark fire cured leaf is very nice as a cigar wrapper, but I warn everyone that it can be difficult to work with even under ideal moisture as it tends to retract and tear a lot, producing a very rugged looking cigar. Not recommended for beginners.

Customer: Tom Valeriano
Date: Mar, 28, 2017

A very nice wrapper. The leaf smells of campfire wood smoke, with hints of BBQ smoke. It was a little gritty but worked well and really made a the PA filler cigars wonderful.

Customer: Taylor Braddy
Date: Jun, 18, 2018

Nice texture/leaf stability and very dark (which seems to be preferred for me personally with a deeper throat hit.). Very natural flavor/smell to it, and I suppose I’d prefer fire roasted over chemical soaked. Not bad, would recommend, however offer caution for those sensitive to a stronger flavor profile. Also, there will be some charred dust spread across the leaf, so having a cloth or damp towel to wipe it down is convenient.

Customer: Okeerlee
Date: Mar, 11, 2020

No more high dollar dry snuff purchasing for me. I've found great satisfaction just pulling out the main vein (gets pretty thick at the bottom) and letting it dry out overnight and crumbling it up and putting in the coffee grinder with no other chemicals has made a delicious dipping snuff somewhere between the taste of Honest scotch snuff or  WE Garrett scotch snuff and that of a good "Cottonbowl twist" chew.  It's strong, pure and tasty.  While it did take me a couple days of alternating between the store bought dry snuff and the home grind...I now find a week later the store bought can still unfinished...Looking forward to ordering some more of this when it's used up.

Customer: Laura
Date: Mar, 01, 2022

I am so happy that Leaf Only started carrying my favorite cigarette tubes! What I did not anticipate was how wonderful their customer service team is. They truly make you feel like you are their most important customer. So happy I found them!

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