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60 x 6.5 Plastic Press Cigar Mold
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60x6.5 Round Cap Press Cigar Mold

OUT OF STOCK. Please try back soon.

Press style Cigar Mold made out of high quality plastic. 


These high quality, 10 cigar molds are made out of plastic for an incredibly long life. With a deep well in one side, and a long ridge opposing it on the other, these molds press your cigar into the perfect shape after being put together.  Make cigars like a professional. 

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"just received your order and its perfect!! ty very very much!! "

- Patrick, QC Canada

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Customer: Eric LaRoche
Date: Feb, 12, 2016

So glad to see Leaf Only carrying these. I bought one of these from another dealer before LO started carrying them, but it's the same manufacturer (and LO's price is lower too.) These are THE molds you want. Since they're machined they fit perfectly. Super durable. I have two pieces of maple that i sandwich the mold between (just to further protect the mold from damage though not really needed) and use two large C-clamps. Amazing, no pinching major pinching issues.

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