Leaf Only Brand One Single Whole Raw Tobacco Leaf Fronto Grabba CT Fronto CT Shade QB-52 DFC GR
« Back to All Fronto Tobacco Leaf Packs Leaf Only now offers high quality pre packaged single wrapper tobacco leaves (also known as fronto leaves). Available in Medium, Dark, and Light.

1 Whole Fronto Leaf Pack - Dark

In stock

One single Dark Air Cured (GR) Fronto leaf in a resealable pouch. Order online or pick up at your local convenience store / smoke shop!

Note: The actual size of enclosed Tobacco Leaves are much larger than the package. For approximate leaf dimensions, please visit the Fronto / Dark Air Cured (GR) by the pound page.


The Leaf Only "Dark" Fronto Leaf is currently made from our popular Fronto / Dark Air Cured (GR) tobacco leaf. We make all of our Fronto Packs per order. This, coupled with being packaged at the ideal moisture level, our single fronto leaf wrappers will stay fresh in our re-sealable bags for months!

Don't forget to ask your local smoke shops and convenience stores to start carrying Leaf Only products!


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