Zico Powermatic S Electric Powered Tobacco Shredding Machine for Make Your Own Roll Your Own Cigarettes
  • Zico Powermatic S Electric Powered Tobacco Shredding Machine for Make Your Own Roll Your Own Cigarettes
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Powermatic S electric tobacco shredding machine. Designed for personal use, this machine will provide many pounds of fine roll your own made from whole leaf tobacco if taken care of properly.

This shredder works best with any of our whole leaf cigarette tobaccos, such as our Canadian Virginia Flue Cured and Aged Burley tobacco leaves. Unlike most tobacco shredders, you only need to run your leaves through this electric shredder ONCE! The Powermatic S cuts at an average width of 0.9mm and a length of 1.5mm, and produces strands that are PERFECT for MYO/RYO Cigarettes. 

This Electric Tobacco Leaf Shredder is the REAL DEAL! Also comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty for U.S. Residents!

Tips to prolong the life of your machine:

1. Don't run the shredder continuously for long periods - as the blades heat up, more resin is released from the tobacco and can act like glue.

2. Run the shredder in reverse after a each use - this is to help clear residue on the blades. Wait a second before going from forward to reverse.

3. Some customers have reported positive results by occasionally dabbing a bit of vegetable oil on a tobacco leaf and run it through the machine. It's been said to help dissolve some of the accumulated sticky tobacco in between the blades.


Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder is a tobacco leaf shredder that is often used to make your own vape juice. In addition to being a top choice for e-cig / vape tobacco leaf, Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder can also be used for the following applications:


After yet another round of design modifications, We here at Leaf Only are once again offering the POWERMATIC S ELECTRIC TOBACCO LEAF SHREDDER! This time around, the engineers have really toughened up this machine for more sustained use. With a new cast alloy chassis for increased rigidity and improved gears with high quality ball bearings, this machine is built to last through many pounds of your favorite unprocessed tobacco leaf from Leaf Only. 

On top of these structural improvements, the designers have also isolated the circuit board and electronics from the gears and blades to reduce and eliminate interference from dust. This, along with built-in overheating protection makes this the strongest and the most reliable Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder yet!

Although this shredder CAN handle whole stems, it is ALWAYS recommended, with ANY shredder, to remove the main stem from your tobacco leaf before grinding.

Some objects may be sharp. Please handle with care.


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Customer: jawarrior
Date: Jan, 16, 2018

I have been using the standard manual crank shredder, the $40 model, for a couple years. Though not the most convenient method, and certainly not the fastest, it has done the job. It required that I follow the initial shredding of the tobacco into long strands with manual cutting them into smaller pieces with a sharp pair of scissors. My wife heard me complaining quite often about it, but I never dreamed she'd spring for this wonderful machine as a Christmas gift for me! Truly, this was a complete surprise!! Within just a few days after Christmas I fired up this puppy to replenish my supply, but mostly to see just how good this machine really was. And, oh boy, is it ever good!!! My first impression? Speed! The Powermatic S shredder gobbles up leaves and soft stems like crazy. So, I not only save time in the actual shredding process, but I also save time by only having to de-stem the part of larger leaves where the stems get too thick and hard. When I pass them through the shredder my ears can barely perceive any change in the sound of the motor, which tells me it's barely affected by the load at all! That means the motor is probably oversized for the job - read that as meaning likely long-term reliability. My second impression? Excellent cut! The included airtight plastic container quickly fills with a very fine confetti-style cut with pieces no longer than approximately 3/16" to 1/4". I shredded a pile of leaves that used to take me a good 30-45 minutes to shred manually in about 10 minutes!! Some leaves were crumpled into 2 or 3 layers, but they passed through the shredder as quickly and easily as flat, single-layer ones. The machine isn't what I'd call quiet, but it isn't really objectionable at all. My third impression? Easier injector loading and better tube packing! Now that my shredded tobacco was shredded into more compact pieces it was easier to load them into my Powermatic electric injector machine. Also, the tubes now fill more completely with less need to tap them for better packing. My fourth impression? Way better ash retention! What do I mean by that? With the wider and longer average size of manually shredded tobacco my cigarettes tended to drop pieces of ash all the time, making a mess. But, because of the finer and shorter shred the Powermatic S provides, now my cigarettes retain the ash far longer with very few errant ash flecks dropping - just like commercial cigs. My final impression? I'm a very happy camper!!

Customer: NtzPrinter
Date: Sep, 17, 2018

I purchased a Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder on February 4, 2016, and it is still running strong after better than 2-1/2 years. I gave up commercial cigarettes when they started adding the bands in the tubes which make them go out if you don't keep puffing on them. Evidently, someone in our government thought we smokers were too likely to pass out and burn ourselves up so they enacted a law forcing the manufacturers to add bands of flame out material to all cigarettes. The flameout bands are made of some type of toxic glue and I was sick of the bad taste as well as my cigs constantly going out. It actually caused the flame to fall off and burn things such as carpets, furniture and car seats. I make ALL of my cigarettes using organically grown leaves from Leaf Only shredded in the Powermatic S and have never looked back. The only problem I've had with the shredder is the blades get gummed up from the sticky tobacco leaf juice and it will occasionally cause the machine to jam. Leaf Only recommends running a few leaves with vegetable oil on them through the machine to help keep the blades clean. I have also discovered I can take the shredder outside and flush the blades with a good, long flow of household rubbing alcohol and let it dry overnight. Once the alcohol has evaporated it works as good as new! I highly recommend this shredder to anyone who makes their own cigarettes. It produces commercial quality cuts and your injector will thank you. I love the fact that I can buy organic tobacco and make my own cigarettes. It saves a TON of money and I don't have to deal with that nasty taste and smell of commercial cigarettes anymore. If you smoke cigarettes, do yourself a favor and get organic tobacco leaves and this shredder from Leaf Only.

Customer: Mark Smitherman
Date: Feb, 07, 2019

You are going to think I'm making this up but my Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder just broke down. I ordered this unit EXACTLY 3 years ago to the day on 02/04/2016. It has served me faithfully with no problems other than the occasional sticking of blades which can be easily solved by washing the blades outdoors with 91% rubbing alcohol. The bizarre thing is that my machine lasted exactly 3 years to the day! I just realized this when I was checking the tracking on my new one. From what I'm reading in the description, they have beefed up the blade drive gears in the latest edition. That's what broke on my machine. After 3 years of plowing through pounds of tobacco leaves the gears finally sheared off. I ordered a replacement machine the day it happened on 02/04/2019. Exactly 3 years from when I ordered the first. You may think it's bad that I'm reporting the thing only lasted for 3 years. Believe me it has done its fair share of shredding over that time and I feel like it was more than worth the price. If you can find a better shredder for RYO cigarettes then buy it.

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