CT Broadleaf Cigar Wrapper - 1LS
  • CT Broadleaf Cigar Wrapper - 1LS
  • CT Broadleaf Cigar Wrapper - 1LS

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Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 22in x 9in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 38

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The whole leaf tobacco from Connecticut is a popular tobacco leaf used as a medium Colorado wrapper. $59.99 / lb
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The Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper has a beautiful tan-brown color on the outside of the wrapper, and has a soft, darker inner side. This leaf is identical to the 2LS, but is classified as a higher grade because of the quality and consistency of this variety.


Our CT Broadleaf is a popular middle tone wrapper. It has a medium strength and tone and provides a smooth, wholesome smell when wet.

Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper is a tobacco leaf that is often used to make your own vape juice.


The Connecticut Broadleaf Cigar Wrapper is picked from the bottom to middle of the CT Broadleaf plant, thus producing a lighter, more mild cigar wrapper compared to the heavier varieties of the same leaf.

Has a middle tone with a beautiful tan brown on the outside of the wrapper. Soft and darker on the inner side, thin in a good way. Medium in strength of tone while dry but gives of a smooth wholesome smell when wet. 

Slightly fragile when moist but has good elasticity if handled gently. Mid-sized veins at the heel of the leaf but quickly slim down to minute size at mid outer leaf, and point of leaf. Classic Connecticut Wrapper!

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