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Deluxe Cigarette Finisher

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New in the line of RYO Cigarette products from Leaf Only comes the Deluxe Cigarette Finisher machine. This handy tool helps reduce any loss that may occur during transportation of your RYO cigarette by gently folding over the end of the tube over the tobacco. This leaves a folded end on your RYO cigarette, effectively eliminating any loss of tobacco from the tube being 'open'. 

Tired of tobacco falling out of your RYO cigarettes when you transport them? Want to roll a large amount and keep them without worrying about the tobacco coming loose? This is the machine for you! An instant favorite of staff members here at Leaf Only, this machine simply and easily closes off RYO cigarettes making transport mess free. 


This lightweight, durable machine makes a folded end on your RYO cigarette, eliminating any loss of tobacco from the tube being 'open'. This machine is made out of aluminium, and comes with 110v - 12v power adapter. 


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Customer: Brenda Nolin
Date: Aug, 12, 2019

This little machine is a gem. Closes up the end of the cigarette for a cleaner light and no loss of tobacco. If you roll your own you need to buy this machine to finish your cigarette professionally.

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