Mexican San Andres Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only
  • Mexican San Andres Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only
  • Mexican San Andres Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only

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Mexican San Andres Wrapper LOW STOCK

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 20in x 10in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 55

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Mexican San Andres Wrapper Whole Raw Leaf Tobacco for Hand Rolled Cigars. Roll your own hand made cigars with this highly renowned Mexican grown San Andres Wrapper Leaf Tobacco. $49.99 / lb
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After many requests and years of searching, Leaf Only now carries the extremely popular Mexican San Andres cigar wrapper leaf. With its beautiful dark look and sheen, this leaf easily earns its way into a top tier position amongst the other high-end wrappers we carry!


The Mexican San Andres Whole Leaf Cigar Wrapper has experienced a huge spike in popularity in the last few years. Grown in the valley of Mexico out of incredibly fertile volcanic soil, this dark chocolate brown wrapper leaf brings a slight peppery spice and noticeably sweet toasted taste to the cigar.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"The dark fire cured remains a winner, but a little goes a long way in my pipe blends. One half leaf rolled with about two big bright leaves and then scissored makes a decent substitute for Three Nuns or Escudo. My favorite so far is your Canadian flue cured shredded and blended with modest amounts of Latakia and Perique. Almost indistinguishable from the former Dunhill London Mixtures and way better than the current musty German or Danish versions now available. A REAL treat is any of your bright leaf products tightly rolled with an UNrolled bit of Gawith and Hoggarth Black Irish Twist and then sliced. Makes a grand substitute for many tobaccos which have just gone away. "

- Wayne, B.C. Canada

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Customer: William Godwin
Date: Apr, 06, 2021

Very delicious and a pleasure to roll with. Very long leaves, decent thickness, very potent aroma after cased. Once wrapped and dried over your cigar, it calms down. I was very surprised by how consistent the entire bag was. Nearly every leaf was usable. My friends would not stop bothering my for little single-leaf cigars of Mex San Andres. These were the first leaves I rolled with when I started rolling my own cigars and I will be getting another batch again! Also, if you're looking for something toasty, a little caocoa, a little smoky, not spicy, with a cool burn and rich flavor, give this a try!

Customer: Elin Ann Holland
Date: Jul, 06, 2021

I cannot express enough how wonderful the people and products are at Leaf Only. I had been purchasing my tobacco leaves from a local smoke store. The store stopped selling the loose leaf and I discovered Leaf Only. All the descriptions, information, videos, and access at Leaf Only go above and beyond to ensure I knew exactly what I was getting and what to expect. I have not been disappointed. I only recommend Leaf Only!

Customer: Michael Ricciardelli
Date: Aug, 29, 2021

I started to use this wrapper because I was looking for a distinct wonderful flavor. And I found it. This wrapper is large in size, and easy to work with. It also provide a different unique flavor that I love. Try this. You won't be disappointed. And, I also recommend the San Andreas Viso. It adds even more of this wonderful flavor to your blends.

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