Dominican Volado Piloto Cubano Seco Cigar Filler Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Dominican Volado Piloto Cubano Seco Cigar Filler Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Dominican Volado Piloto Cubano Seco Cigar Filler Whole Tobacco Leaf

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Aged Dominican Volado Piloto Cubano Filler LOW STOCK

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 14 in x 7 in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 130

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Aged Dominican Volado Long Filler - Our volado cigar filler tobacco leaves are what gives a cigar wonderfully smooth burning qualities. $23.99 / lb
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Our Aged Dominican Volado Long Filler is another premium cigar filler that is used in many premium cigar blends. Being a leaf from the first few primings, our Piloto Cubano Dominican Volado tobacco leaves are thinner and smoother than the Dominican Seco and Dominican Ligero tobacco leaves.

These leaves arrive in flat stacks which makes them easy to separate and bunch. Make your own premium cigar filler blends with whole leaf tobacco from Leaf Only. Now offering tobacco leaves from nearly every tobacco growing region in the world!


Piloto Cubano is a tobacco type very similar to Cuban type tobaccos. The Piloto Cubano seed is typically a stronger tobacco, with hints of cinnamon. This tobacco is grown on small farms at the feet of the Cibao mountain region of the Dominican Republic. These Aged Dominican Volado Long Filler leaves are aged to perfection.

Volado filler is made from the first two leaves on the tobacco plants, and is much thinner than the rest of the plant. Because of this our Aged Dominican Piloto Cubano Volado is not as strong as the regular seco or ligero, but does have the same taste profile and smooth burning qualities for your premium cigars.

Grown from the Piloto Cubano seed, these leaves arrive packed in flat stacks and are ready to use as cigar filler.

Filler leaves don't get much thinner than volado!

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"I'm working on some people I know they say it not like a regular cigarette .and I tell them THANK GOODNESS no it's not .It's clean fresh tobacco it's not drowned in chemical production. Go around someone who smokes the same store bought cigarettes you were smoking.I'm sure you'll say I can believe I smoked those things they stink then smoke one it'll really turn your stomach. not only is a better way to smoke its cheaper. But I my self of my own opinion believe that if you are going to smoke smoking tobacco that is not chemically threated or enhanced has got to be a better choice in the long run. Thanks leaf only for giving folks like me that option "

- Darrell, TX

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Customer: Eric LaRoche
Date: Jan, 31, 2016

Since Volado is quite thin it does burn fast which is unfortunate since it'll tunnel if used alone since the flavor of this leaf is great. This leaf offers a medium sweetness with notes of almond and dry toast. I continue to be impressed by the quality of leaf brought to the consumer market by Leaf Only.

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