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Connecticut Havana Primed Cigar Leaf Connecticut Havana Primed Cigar Leaf
« Back to All Cigar Tobacco Leaves By The Pound The Havana Primed tobacco leaf is grown in Connecticut, but is actually a Havana Cuban seed! Enjoy Cuban tobacco without breaking the law.

CT Havana Primed Ungraded Leaf NEW!

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The Havana Primed Tobacco Leaf is a popular, light colored delicate leaf. With CT Grown Havana tobacco being such a unique, yet affordable leaf, it's no wonder customers choose this leaf to make their cigars one of a kind.

These CT Havana tobacco leaves are NOT graded. So in each bundle you will likley find leaves for wrapper, binder, and filler or any combination thereof.


Light colored smooth tan, and good shine, large leaf, slim in cross section. Strong aroma with earthy tones and spicy top note. Relatively easy to work with, and absorbs moisture at a moderate pace.

As filler it was tasty and strong, needs to be mated with any other leaf to really shine through. As binder, using this leaf as binder is a crime of passion. One should not use such fine leaf to bind, but you can help it. Any combination of tobaccos seem to get along with this leaf as a binder, as it adds a distinct base note. As wrapper , this is where this leaf belongs, its aroma and taste build a slightly spicy top note that never grows overwhelming even in a big ring gauge. 

This leaf is technically the same variety as the Havana 7, but the difference is that it is "primed", which means it is picked as it grows rather than as a whole plant at the end of the season.

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"i have received the tobacco leaf and can say im very pleased. i will be sure to let my friends know. knowing i can buy organic leaf gives me a great sense of well being! keep up the good work at your company!!"

- Phillip, IN

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