« Back to All Cigar Tobacco Leaves By The Pound Our Havana 7 bundles are a unique crop of tobacco grown exclusively by our CT farmer. As far as we know, this leaf is not grown anywhere else in Connecticut!

CT Havana 7

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 24in x 11in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 40

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$27.99 / lb
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Our Havana 7 CT broadleaf is a popular, light colored, good shining, large leaf. This tobacco leaf is somewhat slim in cross section, but carries all that is to be expected out of a Havana seed - Grown in Connecticut!

 These CT Havana tobacco leaves are graded only for wrapper and binder. So in each bundle you will likley find leaves for wrapper, binder, and a few for filler.


This leaf is strong and spicy, but jam packed full of flavor! When moisturized it springs to life and is quite supple, middle vein strips smoothly from the point towards the heel. Veins are easily rolled down, and of small to middle size.

Strong for a filler but if mixed with a lighter filler it as a bold note. Works great as binder, very smooth and quite robust under handling and adds a robust note to the tobacco it binds. Smooth finish with beautiful blending of edges and end cap.

This tobacco leaf has a true Havana flavor! 

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- Lyle, IL

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Customer: brandon
Date: Apr, 12, 2018

when it came you could smell the tobacco from the box i took a big wiff and it smelt pretty good, when i looked inside and opened the box i checked my connecticut havana leafs and it was sealed well had a few holes in the bag so it could breath i took the leafs out and they smelled so delicious and sweet and have a tiny bit of spice when smoked this stuff is so flavorful you could probably fill small cigars with it but its a bit strong if you roll fatties with it. it comes in really great shape full leaf minimal holes and damage smells and tastes great this will be my go to for the next time i make my cigars the flavors and aromas of this is amazing. thank you so much leaf only for the great leaf

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