Colombian Cigar Binder Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Colombian Cigar Binder Whole Tobacco Leaf
  • Colombian Cigar Binder Whole Tobacco Leaf

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Colombian Binder LOW STOCK

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 18in x 8in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 75

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Colombian Binder Leaf - Tobacco Leaf Binder for cigars. Roll your own cigars with Colombian binder leaf. $19.99 / lb
OUT OF STOCK. Please try back soon.

Our Colombian Binder tobacco leaves are robust, but surprisingly quite mild-smelling - similar to unroasted coffee beans. 


Our Colombian Binders are aged, thick, and a wonderful addition to your cigar line. Known to be a thicker, stronger leaf in general, the Colombian Binder Leaf provides just the right amount of punch with the rich Colombian flavor.

Try this cigar binder today to add a new dimension to your cigar blend.

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Many thanks again Monique, I have received the email and looking forward to the package and thanks for the other leaves, always nice dealing with you have a great day."

- Kirk, UK

To learn more about Leaf Only, visit the About Us page. If there is a particular tobacco leaf that you do not see on our website, please Contact Us. There is a good chance we can find the leaf you are looking for!


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Customer: brandon
Date: Apr, 12, 2018

when it came you could smell the tobacco from the box i took a big wiff and it smelt pretty good, when i looked inside and opened the box i checked my colombian binder leafs and it was sealed well had a few holes in the bag so it could breath i took the leafs out and they smelled medium to bold about as half as strong as colombian seco smells has a hint of sweetness past the boldness. its a medium thickness leaf and the leafs came in pretty good condition a nice leaf for using for binders. its got a bold flavor probably better with a lighter mix. thanks leaf only for the leafs

Customer: Richard
Date: Feb, 18, 2021

I recently purchased a 2-Pack of the “Dark Fronto” and I like this brand because the leaves are actually DARK!! I use to buy “Dark Grabba Leaf” but overtime they reduced their thickness and air-curation to the point where it looks lighter and thinner than their original packs! Very strange, but that lead me to “Leaf Only” and I’ve never gone back to Grabba since! My recent package was mildly defective, one of the packs had some mold and the other didnt. This however is to be expected sometimes, I’ve had the same experience with other tobacco companies as well. They support was very helpful and were able to offer a full-refund! If this ever happens to you, just make sure not to throw it away because they’ll need pictures of it for proof! Overall this is a 10/10 place to get your Leafy Needs!

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