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Nicaraguan Wrapper LOW STOCK

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 19"x7"
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 85-90

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Cigar Binders from Nicaragua - Strong, distinct, and robust. Our Nicaraguan cigar binder is a favorite among master cigar rollers. $39.99 / lb
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Our Nicaraguan Wrapper is medium brown cigar wrapper leaf leaf that is used in many different premium cigars. Similar to other Central American wrappers, but with the distinct Nicaraguan scent and strength.

Make your own premium cigars with some of the best tobacco leaves in the world! This leaf is Wrapper Quality, and will have very little to no damages whatsoever. 

Nicaraguan Wrapper is a tobacco leaf that is often used to make your own cigars.


Nicaraguan tobacco leaves are world famous, and for good reason! Their soil and climate offers a distinct flavor and a certain "kick" that many cigar smokers know and love. 

Our Nicaraguan Wrapper tobacco leaves have a medium to strong flavor profile. Nicaraguan is known to add a full-bodied combination of flavor and strength to any cigar. These leaves arrive tied in bundles or "hands" of tobacco leaf. 

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Customer: Mikeyy Brown
Date: May, 04, 2018

This blunt wrap is the one that Zig Zags use of the Slo Burn it's a miraculous experience to use for medicinal cannabis I'm a patient and these are scientifically inevitable ag additive free leaves. This is one of the blunt wraps I'd recommend especially to patients

Customer: Will godwin
Date: Feb, 07, 2021

Massive leaf, has a nice aroma and a mild sweetness to it

Customer: DN
Date: Sep, 06, 2021

This is a great wrapper for the money. The ones I have are on the thicker side but it's a durable leaf with a good elasticity. That makes it a safe bet for people new to wrapping cigars. It also has a great finish once you roll it. Very impressed!

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