Ecuadorian Corojo Seco Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only
  • Ecuadorian Corojo Seco Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only
  • Ecuadorian Corojo Seco Cigar Wrapper Tobacco Leaf Only

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Ecuadorian Corojo Wrapper LOW STOCK

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 18in x 10in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 50

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Ecuador Corojo Cigar Wrapper Leaf - Premium Corojo Cigar Wrappers from Ecuador. $54.99 / lb
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Our Ecuadorian Corojo is grown in the Quevedo region of Ecuador. It is grown from Corojo seed similar to the Habano 2000 but grown and picked in a way to enhance its strength. This wrapper is dark chocolate brown in color and offers an aromatic taste. 

We offer a wide variety of fillers, binders, and wrappers for making your own cigars - be sure to try them all to create some of the best personal cigars you've ever had! These leaves come in whole leaf bundled form.

Ecuadorian Corojo Wrapper is a tobacco leaf that is often used to make your own cigars.


Classically grown in Honduras, Corojo tobaccos are used to create blend reminiscent of the late El Corojo wrapper. 

This Ecuadorian Corojo is grown in fields with a sandy loam soil with rich levels of organic material in Ecuador’s Quevedo region. It is grown in the warm, dry period that Ecuador’s climate offers. The tobacco fields are fertilized with a water drip method called fertirriego to ensure the plants size and health.


After a series of different field test over the years this Ecuadorian Corojo was perfected and is now available.

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"i am a very happy customer. so glad to have access to your fine organic leaf. I really like your logo"

- Carole, AL

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Customer: DN
Date: Jul, 11, 2021

This is probably my favorite wrapper leaf available anywhere. It's got the spice and richness I like to taste. It's fairly strong and elastic for newer rollers. Hard to go wrong with this one, IMO.

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