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Cigar Rolling Starter Kit LOW STOCK

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New and Improved - Everything you need to get started rolling your own premium cigars in a simple, easy to use, low cost kit!

Includes an instructional DVD, 4 basic cigar making tools, and enough tobacco to roll about 10 cigars.

Leaf Only has put together a starter cigar rolling kit that contains EVERY SINGLE ITEM YOU NEED TO ROLL YOUR OWN CIGARS. From a 35 minute How To/ Instructional DVD to the actual leaves, this kit contains 8 products to help you get started on your journey to hand rolling your own cigars. The tobacco included makes for a mild tasting cigar. If you are looking for something stronger, we also sell 1/4lb samples of every single type of tobacco we carry available for purchase by visiting the other tobacco leaf pages.


Each Cigar Rolling Starter Kit Contains:

- Instructional DVD
- 2 piece Wooden Cigar Mold (48 x 5)
- Cigar Cap cutting tool 
- Cigar Labels
- Cigar Glue - 7 grams - Bermocoll

- 26 Dominican Seco Leaves
- 6 Dominican Binder Leaves
- 6 Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper Leaves

What People Are Saying About Leaf Only

"Monique you have been more than helpful you're awesome !!!"

- Gary, NE

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Customer: B. in NY
Date: Mar, 20, 2015

Great starter kit. Great value. The DVD is well made and informative. It leads you every step of the way. The tobacco in the kit will make about 8-10 mild cigars. Add the chaveta to your order for easy trimming. Make sure you have a good sharp cutter.

Customer: Ernest, CA
Date: May, 19, 2016

Received my "Roll your own" kit and I and very pleased with the results. My first roll turned out fairly well and I am looking forward to perfecting my technique. The DVD was invaluable. I look forward to ordering more leaf.

Customer: Brian M
Date: Feb, 07, 2017

Just smoked the first cigar that i rolled, and i am more than pleased!!! Rolling a smokeable cigar was much easier than i expected, although i'm sure that learning the ins and outs (capping, figurados, etc) will take alot of practice I have rolled 6 cigars so far, and i have enough wrapper left for 3 more. maybe 5 more if i want to leave a wrapper off of two of them The blend (equador wrapper, nicaraguan binder, and criollo98 filler) Is quite nice. low in nicotine, but very flavorful, better than most budget(3-6$) cigars in my opinion. Overall i would highly reccomend this starter kit to anyone who wants to roll some of their own cigars.

Customer: John Davis
Date: Jun, 21, 2018

In love with my new hobby!! I've been into cigars for about a year, and it just occurred to me how cool it would be to roll my own cigars. I found Leaf Only after a short search for whole leaf tobacco. This kit is absolutely perfect. I have rolled 6 and am improving greatly each time. I still have enough material for 5 or 6 more easily. It's very enjoyable to do. I just ordered a bigger mold and a new batch of tobacco, I can't wait to roll more up!!

Customer: Jeffrey Dawson
Date: Nov, 12, 2019

Great Kit! I had never rolled my own cigars before and I was looking to create a short smoke for the winter season in Michigan. I purchased an antique DuBrul cigar mold from ebay and I've been rolling 3.5" x 40 ring gauge cigars using the supplied tobacco. When the Ecuadorian Seco Shade Wrapper, Nicaraguan Binder, and Dominican Criollo filler are combined in the petit coronas I've been making, the flavor is wonderful! I smoked one the day after I rolled out and it was delicious! I can't wait to age these in my humidor! Buy this kit!

Customer: Rico
Date: Feb, 19, 2021

This starter kit delivered everything it promised. The tobacco yielded a nice, smooth mild tasting cigar. The DVD provided nice instruction on how to roll. I rolled 16 cigars from the tobacco, not all the same size. Thank you Leaf Only for kick starting my new hobby. I've been smoking cigars for 20 years. I wish I had thought of this sooner.

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