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Cigar Rolling Starter Kit

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New and Improved - Everything you need to get started rolling your own premium cigars in a simple, easy to use, low cost kit!

Includes an instructional DVD, 4 basic cigar making tools, and enough tobacco to roll about 10 cigars.

Leaf Only has put together a starter cigar rolling kit that contains EVERY SINGLE ITEM YOU NEED TO ROLL YOUR OWN CIGARS. From a 35 minute How To/ Instructional DVD to the actual leaves, this kit contains 8 products to help you get started on your journey to hand rolling your own cigars. The tobacco included makes for a mild tasting cigar. If you are looking for something stronger, we also sell 1/4lb samples of every single type of tobacco we carry available for purchase by visiting the other tobacco leaf pages.


Each Cigar Rolling Starter Kit Contains:

Instructional DVD
- 2 piece Wooden Cigar Mold (48 x 5)
Cigar Cap cutting tool 
Cigar Labels
Cigar Glue - 7 grams - Bermocoll

- 26 Dominican Seco Leaves
- 6 Nicaraguan Binder Leaves
- 6
 Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper Leaves

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"Woah, great info here - thanks Monique! "

- David, CO

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Customer: B. in NY
Date: Mar, 20, 2015

Great starter kit. Great value. The DVD is well made and informative. It leads you every step of the way. The tobacco in the kit will make about 8-10 mild cigars. Add the chaveta to your order for easy trimming. Make sure you have a good sharp cutter.

Customer: Ernest, CA
Date: May, 19, 2016

Received my "Roll your own" kit and I and very pleased with the results. My first roll turned out fairly well and I am looking forward to perfecting my technique. The DVD was invaluable. I look forward to ordering more leaf.

Customer: Brian M
Date: Feb, 07, 2017

Just smoked the first cigar that i rolled, and i am more than pleased!!! Rolling a smokeable cigar was much easier than i expected, although i'm sure that learning the ins and outs (capping, figurados, etc) will take alot of practice I have rolled 6 cigars so far, and i have enough wrapper left for 3 more. maybe 5 more if i want to leave a wrapper off of two of them The blend (equador wrapper, nicaraguan binder, and criollo98 filler) Is quite nice. low in nicotine, but very flavorful, better than most budget(3-6$) cigars in my opinion. Overall i would highly reccomend this starter kit to anyone who wants to roll some of their own cigars.

Customer: John Davis
Date: Jun, 21, 2018

In love with my new hobby!! I've been into cigars for about a year, and it just occurred to me how cool it would be to roll my own cigars. I found Leaf Only after a short search for whole leaf tobacco. This kit is absolutely perfect. I have rolled 6 and am improving greatly each time. I still have enough material for 5 or 6 more easily. It's very enjoyable to do. I just ordered a bigger mold and a new batch of tobacco, I can't wait to roll more up!!

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