Cigar Mold 52x7 for Rolling Cigars Roll Your Own Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf Only Cigar Mold 52x7 for Rolling Cigars Roll Your Own Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf Only
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52x7 Round Cap Press Cigar Mold

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Press style Cigar Mold made out of high quality plasitc. 


Roll your own cigars like the pros with these durable hard plastic cigar molds. Used by high-end hand rolled cigar companies all over the world, these molds help rollers make the cigars with the perfect shape and size. With a deep well in one side, and a long ridge opposing it on the other, the mold presses your cigar into the perfect shape after rolling your filler tobacco into a binder leaf and pressing together.

  • Fits up to 10 cigars.- Industry standard.
  • These high end cigar molds are used by professional cigar rollers all over the world.
  • Made from the highest quality High Density Polyethylene plastic. Nearly impossible to break and will not rust.
  • Roll perfectly shaped cigars. Every time. 
  • This mold can produce cigars with sizes similar to: Churchills, Toros, Robustos and more!

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- Jay, MA

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