Cigar Retired / Suspended

Light Fire Cured (P)
$19.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $5.99

Our Light Fire Cured (P) Tobacco Leaf can be described as a wonderful middle ground between the Dark Air Cured and Dark Fire Cured.

$29.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $7.99

Our CT Broadleaf is a quite popular and darker than expected cigar wrapper. This is the broadleaf wrapper used on many premium CT Maduro and Natural cigars. If you are looking for a dark broadleaf cigar wrapper and don't mind a slightly larger leaf, this is the right tobacco leaf for you!.

$16.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $5.99

Our Aged Brazilian Cubra Habano Viso tobacco leaf is medium to dark in color, yet not too thick. They are of Habano seed, but grown in Brazil. This leaf is slightly reminiscent of the PA Oscuro Wrapper, these leaves are smaller and slightly more distinctive in smell.


Cameroon Wrapper (14in)
$26.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $7.99

Our 14in Cameroon Wrapper tobacco leaves are mild, thin, and smooth. This variety is most similar to our Connecticut Shade in appearance and texture, but as with most leaves they have their own unique flavor. 

Pennsylvania Wrapper 2001
$29.99 / lb

Enjoy tobacco leaf not available for sale anywhere else! Limited quantity vintage PA tobacco leaf from 2001.

CT 08 Broadleaf
$19.99 / lb

The CT 08 Aged Connecticut Broadleaf is a beautifully aged delight! Given time to age, this leaf makes for versatile component to any cigar maker's kit!

Indonesian Kasturi Filler
$14.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $4.99

Grown in Kasturi, East Java, Indonesia, this leaf is primarily used to produce local Kretek (clove) cigarettes.

Wooden Cigar Cutting Boards

Made by the same craftsman that creates our Cigar Molds, comes another new product for 2015, our Wooden Cigar Cutting Board! Handcrafted from Maple and Walnut.  


This is a premium cigar tobacco having beautiful dark colored, long leaves. Works for filler, binder, and if cured properly can be used as a wrapper. Has a rich, deep flavor that blends well with any tobacco.

CT 1DW Maduro Wrapper
$31.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $9.49

Our Aged 1DW Maduro leaf has a full earthy aroma carrying hints of sweet moss, chocolate, and coffee. This leaf appears dark and chocolaty in color with a  medium to heavy thickness.

CT 1LS Broadleaf Wrapper
$29.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $8.99

The 1LS Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper has a beautiful tan-brown color on the outside of the wrapper, and has a soft, darker inner side. This leaf is identical to the 2LS, but is classified as a higher grade because of the quality and consistency of this variety.


CT MED Broadleaf Wrapper
$29.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $8.49

Our Medium CT broadleaf is quite popular, darker than expected, and much more like our 1DW Maduro in texture, but just slightly thinner and much larger.


$29.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $8.99

The Havana Primed Tobacco Leaf is a popular, light colored delicate leaf. With CT Grown Havana tobacco being such a unique, yet affordable leaf, it's no wonder customers choose this leaf to make their cigars one of a kind.

$27.99 / lb | ¼ lb Sample: $8.99

Our Havana 7 CT broadleaf is a popular, light colored, good shining, large leaf. This tobacco leaf is somewhat slim in cross section, but carries all that is to be expected out of a Havana seed - Grown in Connecticut!

$19.99 / lb

Leaf Only is excited to announce the arrival of USDA Certified Organic Pennsylvania Broadleaf! Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this highly-desired organic leaf, for the first time ever!


A large plant producing a bountiful harvest of blemish free tobacco leaves. Air cured leaves produces an excellent smooth flavored cigar and makes excellent wrapper, filler and binder. It grows to about 6 feet in height with leaves averaging 24 inches long and 15 inches wide and matures early at 55 days.