Pre-packaged Fronto Leaf. High quality medium tone wrapper quality shade tobacco leaf.

After many inquiries, Leaf Only now offers a pre-packaged Wrapper-Grade Tobacco Leaf (Most popularly A.K.A. Fronto Leaf or Grabba leaf).

Shade Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaf - Light Fronto Leaf, Grabba Leaf, Packaged Fronto Leaf, Cheap Fronto Leaf.

- The Leaf Only "Shade" Fronto Leaf is made from our ultra light, thin, Premium CT Shade Leaf.

- By not packaging more than we plan to sell in a given month, coupled with being packaged at the ideal moisture level, our single fronto leaf wrappers will stay fresh in our re-sealable bags for months!

* Competitive wholesale pricing is available for this product. Please contact us for details and pricing. *

Note: The actual size of enclosed Tobacco Leaves are much larger than the package. For approximate leaf dimensions, please visit the Premium CT Shade Tobacco Wrapper's by the pound page.

Only $3.79!


Tobacco Leaf Mini Scissors - Cut Fronto Leaf With Fronto Leaf Scissors

Our Mini Scissors Fit Inside Fronto Leaf Bags!

Our mini scissors fit great in this bag, making them ideal for travel use! Make cutting tobacco wraps out of whole leaf tobacco on the go as easy as 1-2-3!

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Single Dark Fronto Leaf - Grabba, Fronto, Fanta, Funta, Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf

Also try our DARK whole fronto leaf packs

Leaf only also offers a "dark" variety of single, pre-packaged fronto leaf. This fronto is made from our darker, thicker, Aged Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf tobacco leaf.

There is a tobacco leaf choice for every type of smoker - be sure to try them all to find yours! Single leaf packs come in Dark, Medium, CT Broadleaf, and CT Shade.

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