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Our unsorted tobacco leaf scraps include just about every type of tobacco we carry. Flue cured, fillers, discontinued items, burley, fronto, ct wrappers, and more. There's no telling what type of tobacco you might find!

Unsorted Tobacco Leaf Scrap - All Varieties

All Natural Tobacco Leaf Scrap for Filler, Cigarettes, and More!

- Unsorted scraps are perfect for those who just want to try a "mixed bag" of tobacco leaves.

- Also great for general purpose tobacco use, as it contains a wide variety of tobacco leaves and can be purchased in bulk without paying extra for quality.


- Although that this tobacco should be purchased with ideas of using it as part of a filler blend, after sifting through a typical pound, you will most likley be able to find leaves that can be used as wrappers / binders as well.

Please note: Scrap tobacco by definition is tobacco of INFERIOR quality that is not fit to be sold as a regular grade. This can happen for a variety of reasons including tobacco that has been dropped on the floor, broken up into small pieces, discolored, dirty, stems, etc.

Only $7.99 /LB!
Prices are subject to change. Tobacco leaf scrap variety and quality varies from batch to batch.