Tobacco Leaf Mini Scissors - Travel scissors for using tobacco leaf on the go!

These very small mini scissors are ideal for travel use tobacco leaf or general cutting. Their small size allows for them to fit into extremely small containers or spaces and can even cut fabric!

Cigar Capper Tool - For Cigar Caps Made Out of Wrapper Leaves.

- These tiny scissors are approximately 2 inches tall.

- Cuts tobacco and fronto leaves with ease, creating perfect tobacco leaf wraps on the go.

- Made of stainless steel, these extremely affordable scissors should stand the test of time.

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Only $0.89!


Single Medium Fronto Leaf - Grabba, Fronto, Fanta, Funta, Wrapper Tobacco Leaf

Fits Inside Our 3x5 Fronto Leaf Bags!

One pre-packaged single dark tobacco leaf by Leaf Only. The mini scissors fit in this bag, making them ideal for travel use.

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