Portable Humidors, Water Pillows, Keeping Tobaco Moist

Keep your tobacco leaves fresh and moist with Water Pillows! Just put them in a bag with your conditioned tobacco and you will be amazed at how much better the moisture is retained. This highly reduces if not eliminates the need to ever re-condition your tobacco. This product works for both whole leaf tobacco and processed tobacco.

10 Water Pillows brand portable humidors for tobacco and roll your own!

All Natural Portable Humidifiers.- Water Pillows are safe - both non toxic and disposable.


- Easy to use, just soak with water for 15 seconds (submerge if possible), put them in the re-closable bag, and place in your tobacco container.


- Water Pillows will keep tobacco fresh for approximately 45-60 days in a cigar bag or humidor.

Only $2.99 for 5!