Aged Dominican Seco Long Filler for Making Your Own Cigars

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 80 Approximate leaf dimensions: 14in x 6in

Our Aged Dominican Seco Long Filler is a premium cigar filler that is used in many hand-rolled premium cigar factories. Make your own perfect blend with our dominican seco and dominican ligero long fillers.

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Unmanufactured Tobacco Leaf - Dominican Seco Long Filler for Cigars

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigar Fillers!- Our Seco long fillers are aged to perfection. Being the milder of the two long filler types, the seco is revered as what makes up the body of the cigar because the seco can fit more leaves in a smaller area.

- Being a leaf from the fourth or fifth priming, our Dominican Seco tobacco leaf is thinner than the ligero tobacco leaf.

- When bunched together, Seco tobacco leaves make up most of the filler in a hand-rolled cigar, while the ligero tobacco gives it that "kick".

- These leaves arrive packed in flat stacks. The benefit of this format are that you can immediately roll these leaves into a cigar binder.

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