Fronto Tobacco Leaf Scrap, Fronto Scraps, Tobacco Scrap Leaf

Our Fronto Leaf Tobacco Leaf Scrap consists of our numerous fronto leaves that have been downgraded - usually just because of minor tears or holes.

Fronto Leaf Scraps - Cheap Fronto Leaves

All Natural Fronto Leaf Scrap!- These tobacco leaf scraps are usually only considered as such because of minor tears, holes, or discolorations.


- Most of this scrap leaf is still totally usable, and are still mostly whole tobacco leaves.


- This scrap consists mostly of our QB-52 Fronto Leaf, Dark Air Cured 2010 Fronto, Dark Air Cured 2009 Fronto, and a bit of our Dark Fired Cured Fronto.

Please note: Scrap tobacco by definition is tobacco of INFERIOR quality that is not fit to be sold as a regular grade. This can happen for a variety of reasons including tobacco that has been dropped on the floor, broken up into small pieces, discolored, dirty, stems, etc.

Only $8.49 /LB!
Prices are subject to change. Tobacco leaf scrap quality varies from batch to batch.