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Approximate # of leaves per pound: 20 Approximate leaf dimensions: 26in x 12in

The Aged Fronto Leaf (Dark Air Cured) is an extremely popular tobacco leaf that has been slowly aged to perfection and has become very dark and chocolatey. Most of the remainder of this crop is from years 2008, and is only available in an S1 grade, which is good quality tobacco, but not all leaves will be 100% wrapper.

Note: The year associated with a tobacco leaf refers to the year it was planted. After the drying and curing process, it becomes ready for the following year.

Fronto Leaves, which in this case is also known as Dark Air Cured tobacco leaves, are of high quality, and reminiscent of fronto tobacco leaves sold in the Caribbean.

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Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaves

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Buy Fronto Leaves (DAC) at Leaf Only - Your Number One Source for Tobacco Leaf Location of Fronto leaves on the tobacco plant.

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Fronto Leaves, and More!- Our Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf arrives with a mild chocolate-like scent, which eludes to it's wonderful color.


- Our fronto leaves are thick, easy to handle, and a joy to roll with. Just be sure to fully hydrate before attempting to unfold, as the dehydrated leaf will crack easily.


- Like the name sounds, the dark air cured tobacco leaf has a beautiful dark color, similar to that of the maduro, but is usually much larger because the maduro leaves are only picked from the top of the CT broadleaf plant, which leads to a smaller size.


- Our fronto tobacco leaf, sometimes known as grabba leaf, is a strong, bold smoke. Used primarily for roll your own, this tobacco leaf doubles as a great cigar wrapper, binder, or filler.

- Despite this tobacco leaf's thickness and strength, it burns evenly and smooth with a clean ash. Leaves a pleasant flavor in your mouth after smoking.

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