Buy Connecticut Cigar Tobacco Leaves Online - CT Broadleaf Cigar Filler.

Approximate # of leaves per pound: 40 Approximate leaf dimensions: 20in x 10in

The Aged CT Broadleaf Cigar Filler Leaf is a milder, less expensive version of the Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers we know and love. Because filler leaves do not need to be perfect, we are able to sell this grade of tobacco for FAR LESS than our other CT broadleaves (1DW, MED, etc.). CT Tobaco leaves are known for being a premium cigar wrapper, so finding CT broadleaves graded for filler is a great suprise!

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Leaf Location
Location of CT Fronto Leaves on the tobacco plant.

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for fronto, grabba, funta, fanta, wrappers, and more!- Our CT Broadleaf Filler Leaves come with that distinct Connecticut tobacco scent and flavor, but with a more mild strength due to the age of the leaf, which is approximately 4 years.


- Although this leaf includes leaves from all sections of the tobacco plant, it is of a medium strength and is comparable to a Viso (and is sometimes even marketed as such).

- As a cigar filler, you can expect to find leaves with minor holes, tears, or discolorations. This does not affect the flavor!

- This leaf is especially useful for those who are just starting out because of the price. It is also not uncommon to find binder leaves in this grade as well, and best of all, this is still a premium leaf!

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