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Approximate # of leaves per pound: 100 Approximate leaf dimensions: 16in x 8in

The Premium Connecicut Shade Tobacco is finally back for your enjoyment. Premium CT Shade Leaf has been really hard to find because many of the larger purchasers will buy out the farms entire crop even before they grow it, and not much is grown each year.

Our CT Shade Leaf is very popular! It has a great shade of earth yellow / tan, and is velvety and thin, which is what is to be expected in high quality Shade Tobacco.

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Connecticut Shade Wrapper 15 inch

Whole Leaf
Leaf Location
Buy Premium Connecticut Shade Leaf Tobacco Leaves at Leaf Only - Your Number One Source for Whole Leaf Shade Tobacco Location of shade leaves on the tobacco plant.

All Natural Shade Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Shade Wrappers, and More!- Aroma is a knock out. I was stunned by its fresh, yet earthy tone with a top note of spice.


- When moistened, it is a very thin pliable leaf. Handle with care. Towel moisten.


- Small veined and no need to roll out.


- As a filler: it is a great seco (light color leaf). Mix with other blends as it is surprisingly strong.


- As a binder: it gives a nice warm base note with an old school Havana edge.


- As a wrapper: Best suited as a wrapper! Sigh... what a delight! Mellow, but firm as a top note. Loud, yet distinct in its presence. Light when first lit, getting bolder with each puff.


- Premium Connecticut Shade Leaf is something that is not easily found for retail purchasing because it sells out to the cigar industry so quickly.

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