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Leaf Only is proud to offer our straight cut cigar molds! Made especially for cigar hobbyists. The molds are easy to use, and produce professional looking cigars. These molds are cut all the way through, and do not have a round cap at the end. Click here for Round Cap Cigar Molds.

Cigar Mold, Wooden Cigar Molds, Corona Cigar Mold, Parejo Cigar Mold

- Each cigar mold holds up to 8 cigars, and can fit cigars of any length from 2 inches to 6 inches.
(Note: Cigar molds do not come with capper ends)

- Our cigar molds are constructed from hard Ohio maple, which will provide for many years of use. Compression of the cigars is accomplished by five(5) bolts and wing nuts/washers that are simple and reliable to use.

- These molds are naturally and beautifully designed with a dark walnut inlay that makes for even more of an enhanced visual appearence.

Only $46.99!

48 Gauge Straight Cut Cigar Mold

56 Gauge Straight Cut Cigar Mold