Cigar Glue - Made out of no-acid pectin.

Cigar Glue is a hard to find item that isn't really available online. We have been getting inquiries for this product ever since the beginning, and finally put something together that will satisfy the adhesive needs of the roll your own cigar process.

1oz of High Quality Cigar Glue for Cigar Rolling, Cigar Repair, and More!

All Natural Cigar Glue!- Our cigar glue is made from 100% all natural ingredients!

- Easy to mix, easy to use, easy to roll!


- All you need is a finger dab for each cigar. Our 1oz net weight package comes with enough glue mixture to easily roll over 200 cigars!


- Can be used for cigar rolling or cigar repair.


- Mixing instructions included. The basic cigar glue mixture is 1 part cigar glue powder to 2 parts water, but it is not an exact science - mix to your own personal preference!

Natural, No-Acid Pectin Cigar Glue
Only $3.99!


Natural, Gum Arabic Cigar Glue
Only $3.99!