Cigar Capper - How to cut out cigar caps with Leaf Only's capper tool.

Cigar caps are a small circular piece of tobacco that is positioned over the mouthpiece of a finished cigar. A liberal amount of cigar glue is usually used to keep the mouthpiece in place.

Cigar Capper Tool - For Cigar Caps Made Out of Wrapper Leaves.

- The cigar capper tool, or punch, is made to cut out perfect circles from tobacco wrapper leaves, which are used as the caps for your premimum hand-rolled cigars.

- Our cigar capper tools are 1in on one side to provide caps for your larger guage cigars, and 3/4in on the other side for your smaller guage cigars.

- Our tool is made out of copper and is made to withstand everything your cigar rolling station has to offer, including being dropped and getting wet.

Only $5.99!