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Our American Flue Cured tobacco leaf scraps are created through the redrying and handling of this year's American Flue Cured crop.

American Virginia Flue Cured - Scraps, Refuse

All Natural Tobacco Leaf Scrap for Filler, Cigarettes, and More!

- For those looking for a savings, these leaves are perfect, as they are likley to contain even more actual leaf tobacco (opposed to stems) than our whole leaf variety - it's just nowhere near as pretty or quality.


- Value tobacco at its best for those that are familiar with the process and don't mind a leaf that isnt' in whole leaf condition.

Please note: Scrap tobacco by definition is tobacco of INFERIOR quality that is not fit to be sold as a regular grade. This can happen for a variety of reasons including tobacco that has been dropped on the floor, broken up into small pieces, discolored, dirty, stems, etc.

Only $9.99 /LB!
Prices are subject to change. Tobacco leaf scrap variety and quality varies from batch to batch.