Buy fronto, fanta, funta, franta, dark air cured tobacco leaves online.

Approx average # of leaves per pound: 20 Approx average leaf dimensions: 24in x 11in

Our Fronto Leaf (LL) (Dark Air Cured Tobacco Leaf) is a binder grade, which means it will not be as good as wrapper quality grades. For wraps and grabba, there is still plenty of leaf to use, but overall most leaves will have at least one hole making it a binder grade.

For those who love dark air cured fronto leaves, this leaf is the best value. Usually comprised of aged crops, these leaves have darkened and become more mellow. The only minor drawback is the minor leaf damages, which since leaves are sold by weight makes no difference to the consumer!

A fronto leaf is a leaf that is primarily sold at convenience stores in metropolitan areas and welcomed amongst a variety of cultures and regions. Fronto Leaves, which in this case is also known as Dark Air Cured tobacco leaves, are of high quality, and reminiscent of fronto tobacco leaves sold in the Caribbean Islands.

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Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaves

Leaf Location
Location of Fronto leaves on the tobacco plant.

All Natural Tobacco Leaf for Cigars, Cigar Wrappers, Fronto Leaves, and More!- Our Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf arrives with a mild chocolate-like, scent, which is apparent in it's natural dark brown appearence.


- Our fronto leaves are thick, pliable, easy to handle, and a joy to work with.


- Like the name sounds, the dark air cured tobacco leaf has a beautiful dark color, similar to that of the maduro, but because this crop has been harvested so recently, it has wonderful dark red and brown tones, which will darken over time.


- Our fronto tobacco leaf, sometimes known as grabba leaf, is a strong, bold smoke. Used primarily for roll your own, this tobacco leaf doubles as a great cigar wrapper, binder, or filler.

- Despite this tobacco leaf's thickness and strength, it burns evenly and smooth with a clean ash.

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