48 56 Gauge Handcrafted Wooden Cigar Mold Round Capped Cigar Mold for Rolling Your Own Cigars with Whole Leaf Tobacco
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48 Gauge Round Cap Cigar Mold

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Handmade Maple ROUND CAP cigar mold - 48 ring gauge. 

Each cigar press holds up to 8 cigars, and can fit cigars of any length from 2 inches to 6 inches. Compression of the cigars is accomplished by five(5) bolts and wing nuts/washers that are simple and reliable to use. These molds are naturally and beautifully designed with a dark walnut inlay that makes for even more of an enhanced visual appearence.


Leaf Only is proud to offer our Round Cap 48 Gauge Cigar Molds©2017! Made especially for cigar hobbyists. The molds are easy to use, and produce professional looking cigars. These molds are cut with a round cap at the end. We also offer straight cut cigar molds for a slightly reduced cost.

It's important to remember that cigars go into the molds after the BINDER LEAF has been applied, NOT the wrapper leaf. This is a common mistake made by first time cigar rollers. After the cigar with binder on it has been formed in the cigar press, the final wrapper can be applied for the perfect finish.

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"Your product is beyond perfection please keep up the good work!!!!!"

- Karinne, CA

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