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Havana CT Fronto Leaf

Approximate Leaf Dimensions: 25in x 11in
Approximate Leaves Per Pound: 35

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$27.99 / lb
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This grade of CT Fronto is grown from a havana seed. This leaf's consistency and quality is still comparable to the CT Fronto Leaf (M-27), but the Havana seed gives it a slightly different flavor profile and generally produces smaller leaves.


This Connecticut grown Havana seed tobacco is a Fronto grade, meaning that it is more or less wrapper, if not at minimum, binder grade tobacco. Very similar to the CT Fronto Leaf, yet grown from a seed with Cuban origin. 

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- Lucia, CA

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Customer: EC
Date: Nov, 29, 2018

The taste keeps me coming back for more! Very addictive :) This is the best leaf strain out there. Hands down, chief.

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