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Affordable manual whole leaf  tobacco shredder. Features stainless steel construction and table clamp.

Introducing our Standard Edition Tobacco Leaf Shredder! Tobacco leaf shredders (or tobacco cutters) offer an easy and affordable way to break down whole tobacco leaves into roll your own tobacco. This tobacco cutter has ridged cutting blades which "draw" the tobacco leaf down through the cutting heads. No need to get your hands involved shoving the leaf through the blades, the cutter's unique design does all the work for you!

Don't let its small size fool you - This shredder means business! 

Standard Tobacco Leaf Shredder is a tobacco leaf shredder that is often used to make your own ryo cigarette tobacco. In addition to being a top choice for cigarette tobacco leaf, Standard Tobacco Leaf Shredder can also be used for the following applications:


This shredder works best with our whole leaf tobaccos, and produces strands at about 1mm wide (great for pipe!). As with most tobacco shredders, you may need to run your leaves through a couple of times to get the desired consistency for Roll Your Own tobacco leaf. The cut is around 1 mm.

NOTICE: To ensure the longevity of your tobacco cutter, it is important to to de-stem the main vein of uncut leaves before shredding them. Also be sure that your tobacco isn't too moist when shredding otherwise it may get gummed up in the grooves. It's best to have the tobacco leaf as dry as possible without being so dry that it would crumble into powder. It is also best to clean / rinse your shredder before the first use to ensure there is no debris left over from the manufacturing process. Plant based / vegetable oil should be used on all moving parts such as bushings and bearings regularly to increase the lifespan of tobacco shredding machines. 

Some objects may be sharp. Please handle with care.


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Customer: calvin
Date: Dec, 16, 2014

this product rocks!

Customer: Phil Lee
Date: May, 05, 2015

This machine is a work horse. Well worth the price. It gives the perfect consistency that is easy to roll and will burn perfectly.

Customer: thomas hobart
Date: Jun, 26, 2015

Received yesterday and it works great.worth every penny.

Customer: Jake
Date: Jun, 29, 2015

Makes it super easy to shred leaves. Way easier than scissors or coffee grinder, and shreddings burn better.

Customer: David Brady
Date: Jan, 30, 2017

Ive been using this shredder for three years and its a great deal & a real work horse. Only lately have I started to have challenges: gears slipping off of the shafts. Considering that I smoke a pack and a half a day ( over 1600 packs total ) thats a grinder price of about 2 cents per pack. I upgraded to the table top grinder but that failed ( drive shaft sheared off ) within months... that was a relatively expensive experiment. The table top grinder is better built ( with the exception of the drive shaft ) but I suspect there is a quality control problem in the assembly phase. ( note: the current table top grinder looks like a slightly different model from the unit I purchased so it is possible that they have resolved the drive shaft shearing problem ) I have learned to check the gear alignment and press the gears back into alignment: maybe I'll get another 3 years out of this unit?

Customer: Greg
Date: Oct, 26, 2017

Ive had this shredder for around 4 years and it is still rocking !!!!

Customer: jawarrior
Date: Jan, 16, 2018

I just received the Powermatic S automatic electric shredder as a gift, posted a review for it and then realized I had never reviewed this model which I've used for about 2 years._____ I agree with other reviewers that this manual shredder is very reliable and just keeps on shreddin'! I've even way over-stuffed it and had to exert far too much torque on the crank, but it never failed. For that it gets an A+!_____ It easily shreds the tobacco into approximately 5/32" wide, very long strips. The problem is that you can't just stop there and load your injector with it because the strands are much too long. So, my fix was to take small clumps of the shredded tobacco into one hand while cutting it several times with a sharp pair of scissors in the other hand. This method worked, but there were always some overly long strands left to deal with when injecting the tubes._____ Now that I am using the Powermatic S automatic crosscut shredder I've discovered that the shred I got from the standard manual model caused a lot of excess ash drop. The finer crosscut I'm getting now has virtually eliminated the messy ash drop issue this manual model seems to have created. The toothed wheels get gummed up very easily when shredding higher moisture content tobacco, but it turns drier tobacco into dust, so I had no choice but to deal with the gumming problem. I used tooth picks and stiff bristle toothbrushes to clean it out after each session._____ While I do recommend this shredder for those looking for a budget-friendly solution, I also recommend stepping up to the Powermatic S when the budget allows because the difference in speed and results is absolutely amazing!

Customer: StephenJP
Date: Jan, 20, 2019

Standard Tobacco Leaf Shredder = I happy with it. I've been using this for almost 3 years at a pack a day. It has had some problems mostly because of tobacco being too wet or too dry and getting clogged in the cutting gears. I've always been able to fix it. The biggest wear to this machine was the learning curve. The net one will likely last much longer. It's just now beginning to wear at the holes were the shaft goes through so it's not completely cutting if the tobacco is real thin and moist. It's almost time for a new one now but to be fair most of my problems stemmed from the tobacco itself being too moist or dry. I learned how to make it moist using a container and putting a slice or 2 of bread over night. (be careful not to leave the bread in longer or you will get mold and the container will also have mold making it no good). It works good, sometimes too good. Other times I may have to dump that bread and use new bread for another night depending on how much tobacco I'm moistening. Once it's moist again I don't want it to let it get dry so I cut it fairly wet and that can clog the cutters if it too moist. Then table dry checking it every 20 minutes (or so) before rolling it. I can leave it in a plastic bag for a long time and it will stay moist. I have learned way's to clean the cutters but not without getting some aluminum specs so I make sure the tobacco is not near it when I'm cleaning it. All that does take some toll on the machine but I think it's worth it.

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