Kentucky Uncut Burley Whole Raw Leaf Tobacco Cigarette Filler
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These Burley Tobacco Leaves arrive with an amazingly fresh, earthy aroma. The smell of this tobacco leaf is reminiscent of Maryland 609, and has the consistency of some of the finest Burley available.


On many occasions, this Uncut Burley leaf is used for cigarettes, cigar filler, pipe blends, and chewing tobacco leaf. This leaf has a smell and taste that is classic amongst high-quality Burley.

Our Uncut Burley is a very robust tobacco leaf that is used like a seasoning in tobacco blends. This Un-cut Burley is considered to be whole leaf and even though it may be a little broken here and there that's common among the use of cigarette tobacco leaves as they are meant to be converted into RYO or pipe tobacco, check out our tobacco leaf cutter.  

This tobacco leaf was grown in the United States, and comes directly from our selection of farmers. You can enjoy your Grade A smoke with peace of mind knowing that this leaf has never been handled by commercial leaf processors.  

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