Standard Size One Millimeter Hand Crank Tobacco Leaf Shredder Machine
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Standard Tobacco Leaf Shredder

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Affordable manual whole leaf tobacco shredder. Features stainless steel construction and table clamp.

Introducing our Standard Edition Tobacco Leaf Shredder! Tobacco leaf shredders (or tobacco cutters) offer an easy and afforable way to break down whole tobacco leaves into roll your own tobacco. This tobacco cutter has ridged cutting blades which "draw" the tobacco leaf down through the cutting heads. No need get your hands involved shoving the leaf through the blades, the cutter's unique design does all the work for you!

Don't let its small size fool you - This shredder means business! 


This shredder works best with our whole leaf tobaccos, and produces strands at about 1mm wide (great for pipe!). As with most tobacco shredders, you may need to run your leaves through a couple of times to get the desired consistency for Roll Your Own tobacco leaf. 

NOTICE: To ensure the longevity of your tobacco cutter, it is important to to de-stem the main vein of uncut leaves before shredding them. Also be sure that your tobacco isn't too moist when shredding otherwise it may get gummed up in the grooves. It's best to have the tobacco leaf as dry as possible without being so dry that it would crumble into powder. It is also best to clean / rinse your shredder before the first use to ensure there is no debris left over from the manufacturing process.

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